Airbus A320 Family: Aircraft Review

Since Rotate has not been around much, I decided to bring back the Aircraft Reviews. This week, I am reviewing the Airbus A320 Family. A whole lot of fun in such a big family!



Price: $7.99 (Australian Dollar) - A318, A319, A320 / Free A321

Airbus A318 - 14.
Airbus A319 - 22.
Airbus A320 - 22.
Airbus A321 - 22.

Airport Restriction: None


ICAO Designator:
Airbus A318 - A318
Airbus A319 - A319
Airbus A320 - A320
Airbus A321 - A321

MTOW: 150,000 - 206,000 lbs
MLW: 127,000 - 172,000 lbs

CFM56 and IAE Model V2

Wake Turbulence Level: Medium

#Test Aircraft

Airline: Swiss
Airplane: A321-200
Registration: HB-IOO
Airport: EGLL


The Airbus A320 family was introduced to Infinite Flight in late 2015, and has a vast range of characteristics. The Airbus A320 Family consists of the A318, A319, A320 and also the A321, all of which are basically the same except for size and weight. Also a first for one of the best features - Window Lights. The window lights can be activated when the time is set to Sunrise, Sunset and also Night. It can come with Airbus’ own fitted Sharklets/Wingtip fences

As seen above, the cockpit is very detailed and eye catching filled with 3D objects and also light, and the controls are animated like the gear lever and also the throttles. Controlling this family is very easy, as it also comes with Auto Land. The Airbus A318 is also the biggest ever Aircraft allowed in London City, serving routes from LCY to JFK. The flap system is even better, with flaps settings 0,1,2,3 and F!


Even the window view is exciting!!

#The Bottom Line

The Airbus A320 Family is a great start to getting used to modern day aeroplanes, compared to its rival, the 737 Next Generation family this plane is outlined with detail and character and is better as it has Autoland, lighted cockpit and also window lights. Its got a lovely modern touch and a finish on it which makes it an awesome bird to fly! If you like the latest technology, this is the family for you!!

##If you would like to suggest an aircraft for me to review, drop me a PM! :D


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Boy, am I glad I purchased the whole A320 Family. Don’t regret one bit!

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Just like rotate’s before, really cool presentation, keep them coming.

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Great review! I absolutely love the Airbus. Ecpessially the 319. Thank you. Could you review the 737-800?