Airbus A320 Family Aircraft glitch

Hello Everyone!
I have just installed the new 18.4 update with the new crj1000 and crj200.
But when I selected A320 and and went flying, suddenly, I saw a weird glitch on my aircraft. I tried to restart IF, then my device, it was still there. It also happens to A321 and A319. Here are the photos of how does it look like :(


If anybody can help me, it would be a big great pleasure, anyways thanks :(


Hello, can your try clearing your cashed data?
And restarting your device or Infinite Flight?
If needs be, try reinstalling Infinite Flight

Obviously some parts of the aircraft model are missing or isn’t being rendered for whatever reason. Unfortunatly there isn’t an option to uninstall/reinstall the aircraft so try to uninstall IF completly and reinstall it with all the aircraft (Edit: actually there is on Android, see below). If the issue is still here play around with the graphic settings (maybe it will help).

Also can you post aswell your device name that are using with the OS version.

If the user is on Android, there actually is an option to clear out the data of the app in storage settings :) That would probably solve this.

But if iOS, a reinstall is required to fix this.

It seems like you didn’t receive the full model for some reason.


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