Airbus A320 - Coming soon

Loading screen, coming soon


Yes they finally made it the “Loading” screen

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Woop, woop! The second A320 (only) loading screen!

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That’s what they said last month. It’ll come when it’s ready

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I’m ready for the A320 at any time but I’d rather have a highly detailed plane with cabin lights, cockpit lights, logo lights, etc. instead of a rushed model with no animations at all. So patience is the way to go :)


Hope that on the next loading screen stands “Comming very soon” as the last Update.


We all know about their “Coming Soon” …


At the last Update there stand a time “comming soon”
and some time later “comming very soon”, and then the Update released after some days…

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The tire smoke was coming soon as well ;)


This is want I meant ;)

Coming soon™


Well soon is a word that is open to interpretation. Maybe they meant soon(ish).

Sooner or later…I guess😂

Cmon guys - don’t be so mean to our developers. They invested lots of time into this game and work very hard every day to make our experience with IF even better and to give us new features. Saying “Coming soon” should prevent people asking everywhere: When is the update coming out? Also I think you can be happy already about all the sneak peeks you got already - cabin lights, A320 family, cockpit lights, etc. So maybe for a moment we all are just grateful and patient to wait for the next update, knowing that every day we wait longer will make the Update even better.
Happy Landings,


They might have said coming soon but they might have noticed a problem that could have been a big problem to us… Plus I am guessing that you arnt a developer so you don’t know what the delevlopet goes though… It could be for anyreason. 😀

Hopefully it does come soon I love the a320 and really want it but I want a good model and flight physics so I can another month or 2 if it has to be.

The cabin light make me happy 😀

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Can’t wait for this the excitement is intensifying…😆