Airbus A319LR

Airbus A319LR


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About The Airbus A319LR

The A319LR is a much longer range variant of the A319. It has an option for a smaller seating capacity for a longer range, and has flown its longest flight from Dusseldorf to Chicago on a Lufthansa PrivatAir charter. The aircraft is one that you can do over night and long haul flights with, without having to worry about running out of fuel. It is sort of an in-between ground for the A319 and A319ACJ.

Specifications & Comparisons

A319 A319LR A319CJ
Seats 156 in one-class 110 in multi-class, 48 in an entirely business fitting 39 standard
Auxiliary Fuel Tanks 0 4 6
Fuel Capacity 41,290 lbs 57,622 lbs 65,786 lbs
Range 3750 nmi 4500 nmi 6000 nmi


  • Aero Services
  • Air France
  • Australian Antarctic Division
  • KLM (by PrivatAir)
  • Lufthansa (by PrivatAir)
  • PrivatAir
  • Qatar Airways
  • Skytraders
  • Swiss
  • Tunisair

yes …smaller eating capacity…lol…i’ll drop a vote :)


The s is silent lol

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lol true hehe
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I hate to be “that guy” but this makes no sense to me…

I feel like we should work on other stuff and this isn’t a huge priority at the moment :)

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If you don’t like it then just don’t vote.


I hate to be the type of guy that agrees with “that guy”, but I agree.
We need to work on other things first. I think we need all aircraft reworked, and project metal done, before we can even think about adding variants of current aircraft. Same goes for the Neo and Max. Don’t think we should go anywhere near them.


Where in this did I say that the devs should be forced to make this as an absolute priority before everything else? I’m sorry that this topic offends you.


I’d go ahead and hate “that guy” because of the fact that the request for 3D buildings still exists, despite the fact that even Microsoft, who have hundreds of Lauras and Philippes, petabytes of earth data and unlimited money had trouble doing it, so as long as that’s there’s this impossible request there’s no way why a minor request would be nonsense


No offense but I would rather put more range on the A319 (In infinite flight) to be like the LR range instead

@sqeezelemon never did I say that, I said that there were other more important stuff that I believe should come before this.

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This somehow happens to every feature request that I’ve ever made. I’m starting to get scared of making them.

And why is this even an argument??? A request is a request. That’s that. It’s not like Infinite Flight is a restaurant and they have to expedite every order (request) made in a quick, timely manor. These things take a while, like an actual aircraft. You don’t see Boeing start on a new aircraft until there previously designed and developed ones are functional or nearly functional.


Seems like a nice idea to me, regardless of what the others say. You have my vote.


I kinda don’t understand why everyone here is attacking @dca.iad.aviation for just making this feature request. Just because he made it doesn’t mean that he’s thinking ‘OH WE NEED THIS NOW’
Cop on a bit people.

I think this is a cool request as Qatar Airways uses their A319LR’s on some very nice routes that I’d definitely fly such as Doha - Nice, Yangon, Yerevan, Addis Ababa and many more. A few other airlines operate it too but Qatar is the biggest one I think.

Obviously we’re not gonna get this now but is there is no harm in making this feature request since it’s no one else made it before.


This is the part I’m talking about. While the absolute church of nonsense that is the 3D buildings feature request (considering the resources of Infinite Flight) exists, all other feature requests make sense compared to that. Sometimes minor things like a semi-private version are what makes something good, remember 737-700BBJ?


I have no idea why people are arguing about the feature request. If you don’t want it then don’t vote and move on. You can’t be rude to someone just because they want a feature in the game that you don’t.

Maybe in the future I’ll vote for it as it seems interesting but right now I don’t have any votes.


I believe we have one livery of the A319LR.

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Yeah, QR, but if we do get this, I’d hope the livery be moved

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I’m genuinely not trying to argue with anyone. It’s a good idea. But I feel as though I’m allowed to express that I don’t think this is a priority right now. The whole point of #features is so that people both for and against and idea can discuss why we feel the way we do. I respect all of you when you say that this is needed. I hope you all will respect myself and @Alec ‘s opinion when we say this is not needed at the moment. @dca.iad.aviation don’t be afraid to open a #features request. However, don’t be afraid to be accepting of other’s opinions either.

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It is also Tunisair:

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