Airbus A319 Rework

As you all probably know, the Airbus A319 is missing a lot of liveries. American specifically, but why don’t we rework it to get the missing liveries. Nothing specific but some better liveries.



Feedback Below!

Add pictures of livery’s and stuff then I will consider a vote. Also pretty sure you can only request one livery but idk

One feature per request please. You can vote for or make your own feature requests here on the forum. :)

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A319 Liveries not the Whole family.

Search in ‘A319 Livery’ in the search bar and you will get so many to place a vote on! No need for a rework. :)


You can vote for individual liveries. Livery Feature requests exist for a reason, a topic summarizing these liveries isn’t necessarily needed.


I don’t think this needs a rework just adding some liveries. The plane has been reworked recently and has live cockpit so u think it’s good but missing a few liveries

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I think all it needs is some liveries, doesn’t need any reworks anymore because it’s a quality aircraft. Find some livery threads.

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Please vote for individual liveries.