Airbus A319 Flaps

I am using the A319 to fly into Key West (KEYW). When I takeoff from KEYW, should I have my takeoff flaps be 2 or 3 and what speed should I rotate?

I recommend using a app to calculate that. Sim breed should help. Also depend on runway length and weight. Simbrief can help you with calculating speeds and everything. It also helps with route. ;)

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Use this to calculate V1 Vr and V2.

You probably won’t need flaps 3, unless the runway is extremely short.
I tend to use this guideline:

If runway is over 10000ft long - Takeoff flap 1 always
If runway is below this and you are over MLW use flap 2 or 3. In IF, you have to make the decision using your own judgement, bur those might help you a bit:)

Thank you for your help!

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I wouldn’t use anything above flaps 2 for takeoff, flaps 3 is usually reserved for landing.
If you think flaps 2 isn’t going to get you off the runway, try increasing your N1 thrust %.

@DimitriB no no no. Simbrief will give you a flap setting! Almost 90% 1+F

Talking with my friends at B6… F3 is usually places like TNCM where there’s shorter runways and obstacle clearance-it gets you up and away faster.

F3 landings are usually used when it’s windy/gusty and there’s a chance for windshear necessitating a go around.


Cool, you learn something new everyday.
Now that I’m reading more about it, flaps 3 seem to be used when there are large obstacles in the flight path.

but there is no 1+F in game so would that be two.
Let me rephrase,

any runway above 12000ft use F1 only as that is the procedure at heathrow

In the A320 in infinite flight Flap 1 IS Flap 1+F

Flap 2 is just that-flap 2. I don’t know why she switched it-but it happened ages ago. Hopefully they’ll tune it back up when they get around to it.

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I’ll need to start using simbrief instead of fpltoif

Yes you should. Only the JBU OFP has V speeds tho keep that in mind.

FlightAware route lookup->Simbrief->Generate Plan->FPLtoIF Classic

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You can generate the flight in simbrief and then paste the .xml link into fpltoif - i’ll be honest i don’t know the exact difference between the two methods but might be worth a look?

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Thank you everyone’s help, this was very helpful!

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Sorry, the only thing I will add is in Simbrief you can create a ‘custom airframe’ to match the aircraft weights etc that are in Infinite Flight 👍


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