Airbus A319, Airbus A320 or Boeing 767-300?

For me you can choose the A319 or the A320 based on your favorite livery on either aircraft. I chose the A319’but the A320 is also very nice. If you don’t feel like spending on a new aircraft use the A321. If you want something larger but not a 777, 747 or A330, the 767 is the one and it will even be better after the rework.

A320, it has been a game changer in the aviation industry and the models in Infinite Flight are outstanding, very realistic and high quality graphics!

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A319 cause it’s my plane which im specialised !

I use the A319 in LCY as a compromise😄

Whatever you do, dont buy the 767 it is really old and I dont care for the physics

The nose slamming down applies to the entire A320 family.

767, because it’s most likely getting remade sooner or later. It’s just a good plane, and serves both short and long haul routes (good for global)

You say that but imagine the regret if it doesn’t get remade…

The developers aren’t dumb enough to not rework an aircraft which needs to be at the current standards.

It took me a solid 2 minutes to figure out you weren’t actually buying a plane IRL, this poll was just for IF…
A320 from me!

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Well, chances are that it will be remade. Some of the oldest IF airframes
are the: A330/340, 757, 767, CRJ-200. and the C-17. (I know things like
the super Decathlon, F-18, and A-10 are old, but we’re talking large jets
which people mainly fly).

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