Airbus A319, Airbus A320 or Boeing 767-300?

Hey everyone! I’m debating whether to get the A319, A320 or Boeing 767-300. In wondering which one would be better. And I want your help in choosing the correct aircraft :)

  • Boeing 767-300
  • Airbus A319
  • Airbus A320

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I think something is wrong with your poll. You might want to fix it 😊

Anyway, Airbus A320-200 for me!

A320 has alot of livery choices imho. But it’s up to you as you are the owner of the money 😊


Yeah, I noticed. I need to fix it, when’s i go to lunch at work that is.

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It’s your money, and your choice. Anyways, I bet if you did some searching around you could figure out:)


The amount of topics here that say “what plane should I get?” Is actually ridiculous. I’m sorry, but why can’t you just use the search bar?
I know this is harsh, but someone has to say it, and I really need to get the message across.
It is your choice, not ours


Uh oh, these topics are staring again.


A318. Most versatile

I agree. The a320 is a very agile aircraft and also very responsive, and the choice if livery’s it comes with is quiet wide

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The a320 is what I would recommend to you.

I vote the 767. It’s different than other planes.
But as I always say, Live+ is the best.


I would recommend A320. The a319 isn’t that worth it. It is just a smaller version of the a320. The Boeing 767 is a old aircraft in IF and has terrible flight physics. The a320 has good flight physics and has plenty of liveries to choose from :)

The A320 and 19 is just smaller versions on the A321 and the B-767 would be good but it isn’t the greatest although it’s different.

I voted the 767 although it’s a complicated aircraft in a way to say. I like it and I think that If they rework it I would be a fantastic aircraft. But if you are learning to fly, or if you are an unexperieced pilot I would start with a320

Buy the newest and the next generation aircrafts (A320 family). The newer the better. It’s your money so you buy which A320 you like ;)

767 is an old model, A319 is new with a lot of liverys and the A320 has slightly less than the A319

767 and A319 has the Air Canada livery. The A329 doesn’t, that should decide it for you 😀😀


I’m more of a Boeing fan but I recommend the A320: It’s a more up to date flight model & looks better graphics wise than the 767.

Always the a320, the 767 you can just keep the nose up for so long, when the a319 spoilers are deployed on touchdown the nose likes to slam straight down sort of like the Embraer. Devs might want to rephysic the a319 and 767 in a rework.

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Too easy, A320. Amazing graphics, a wide range of liveries, quite nice to fly

I’ve ran out of votes, I think you should get the A320 as for me, it’s not to big and it’s not to small. I also love its cockpit.