Airbus A319 ACJ (Private)

Nice looking livery.


Overload of grey.


Yes. I believe they made a film about this aircraft, it’s called Fifty Shades of Grey.


I don’t care if this request is for the livery or plane, but I really want a private A319 as well. The A318 looks too stubby.

Too much grey, ugly livery

What I’m getting from the title is a request for a private A319 in general and not this specific livery, so I’m in favour of this.

50 shades of gray…


Oh my god, what a beautiful livery.

I’m hoping that if some corporate liveries get added that it’s not a separate plane.

Awesome livery, I would certainly like to see this!

Another beautiful private!

Yes please add this! I don’t really care about the livery, Although I like it, but for me it is more about the range of the ACJ version. I feel like we have to less private jets in the game.