Airbus A318 Tutorial

Weight: Normal.

• Take off: 12%.
• A/P-Manual: 4% (full flaps).
• Landing: 12%.

Flaps for take off:
• 1 (10°): Long runways.
• 2 (20°): Short runways.

Flaps for landing:
• 1 (10°): 220kts.
• 2 (20°): 195kts.
• 3 (30°): 175kts.
• F (40°): 165kts.

Landing speed: 135kts.
• Spoilers “FLIGHT”.
• Throttle mininum.
• Trim 12%.
• Pull the device up so as to avoid losing too much altitude and to remain on the glideslope.
• 135kts: spoilers “ARMED” (nose up, pull phone slightly down).

Flare: 30ft.
Idle throttle: 10ft.
Criticism welcome.


That’s why it has the numbers at the side. The degrees are just for reference.

That’s why he has the appropriate names next to the degrees.

oh sorry about that

Yes I always wondered what degrees where for the flaps 1-2-3-4.

Don’t need to be. :)

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Altitude is controlled by thrust not pitch. Pitch controls speed.

But I need to lose speed fast so as to get to the landing speed before being too close to the runway.

This really helped me ! Please make more tutorials for diffirent kinds of planes :)

I’ll keep doing them as I try new planes. Be aware that this is a reference for my plane configuration, feel free to suggest or correct me if, at the same configuration, you find something different.

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Flaps 1 doesn’t mean 10°. Neither do the others.
It will take you ages to your destination if you use those speeds on approach.
I’d say 240 kts until 5.000 or so, then down to 220, 200 for the ILS interception, and finally start deploying your flaps.
Remember that the A320s have a +2/+3 pitch attitude on approach, so adjust your speed in order to that.


I made one for the 737-800, A318, 717-200 (try at your own risk), and I have one for the 747-400 and A319 on the paper, those need some corrections.

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At those speeds at the ILS I’d be going too fast. Also, the A320 familiy doesn’t slows as fast as the 737, the gear seems to not have drag.

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In IF there is almost no gear drag, in real life there is substantial gear drag. I found that out 5 weeks ago on a A320 approaching Toronto Pearson International Airport.

The 737 slows a lot when the gear is deployed. At least in the 700/800 and the 744.

Like @Laurens noted the speed/flaps profile you have put in your post is not realistic. You would be at or under 250 kts under 10,000ft but you certainly wouldn’t be putting flaps out at that stage or reducing speed that much unless ATC instructed you to do so for spacing.

Have a look at this I posted a while ago. It is for a 737-800 but I don’t believe the approach profile is much different for an A318. Sorry I don’t know what the flap settings exactly translate to on an airbus.

Unless you are descending at more that say 1,600ft/m you should be able to slow without any drag, but if you are struggling just use the speed brakes.