Airbus A318 EGLC-KJFK

Does anyone know that British Airways FLYS two of their Airbus A318’s to JFK Airport? Never knew of if!

It’s very interesting knowing that a plane with small capacity flys to JFK…

Yes it is an all business class plane that flys from London City to JFK with one stop to refuel and go through customs.

It’s very interesting. Most people would think “this isn’t a 747, or A380 it’s a little regional jet… we arn’t going to make it to JFK”

Yes, BA1 and BA3 are the westbound flights and BA2 and BA4 are the eastbound ones. BA owns two A318-100 which have been modified to deal with the steep approach in to LCY.

The planes have 32 business class seats arranged in 8 rows of 2+2.

The westbound services stop at Shannon in Ireland for about 50 minutes. For BA1 the passengers get off the plane and proceed through US pre-clearance as US CBP operate at Shannon. This means that on arrival at JFK you are already cleared and treated as a domestic arrival in T7, so proceed directly to baggage belt, collect bag and go. If you are carry on bags only you can be out of the terminal within 5 minutes of stepping off the plane.

BA3 arrives at Shannon to go through pre-clearance since CBP close up mid-afternoon. However, on arrival to JFK the BA3 passengers usually are pushed to the front of the immigration queues by BA special services staff.

The Shannon stop is necessary westbound since the plane can’t take-off from LCY with the fuel load necessary to make it all the way to JFK. Actually technically it can do but the runway length is not sufficient for the plane to accelerate to V1 and come to a complete stop from an aborted takeoff if fully loaded with fuel.

On the eastbound the flight goes non-stop to LCY, no need for any fuel stops anywhere since JFK has long runways.

At Shannon the flight crew who operated the LCY-SNN segment get off and are replaced by a new flight crew who do the remaning SNN-JFK flight. The cabin crew do not swap and the same cabin crew do both segments.

BA A318-100 take-off EGLC (LCY) runway 27 - 2 July 2015

I have some photos from the plane on the ground at LCY but they are not in my online albums yets.


Facinating… I’m just thinking that’d be a great experience for me! I wonder how much it would cost…

Yep, I knew it ;)

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Cash return LCY-JFK is around £2500 upwards.

Can be cheaper during sales or if booked as an exEU trip during a sale, so for exmaple DUB-LCY-JFK return can be as low as £1000 when there is an exDUB sale on.

That’s alright. I can save the money up… It’d make a great honeymoon! I just checked. In AUD It’d cost around $5000+

Weekday service only I believe.

BA operates a teeny fleet of A318s (G-EUNA, G-EUNB) between LCY-JFK with a fuel and customs stopover in SNN.

The planes are fitted out with a small number (39???) business class seats to meet the range necessary for the SNN-JFK segment.

Here’s G-EUNB landing at JFK:

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A few photos


and parked at T7 at JFK


FYI there’s a similar SAS service Stavenger-Houston with a 737-700. Didn’t A319-100s fly ORD-DUS with Lufthansa?

Doesn’t Air Canada fly YHZ-LCY also with an A319-100?

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32 J seats as I noted earlier.

Nothing wong with the range for the A318. As I noted it can and does do the JFK-LCY flight non-stop. The issue is the short runway at LCY which means it can’t take off with enough fuel to do LCY-JFK non-stop and has to stop at SNN to take on more fuel. The stop at SNN also allows the passengers on BA1 to do immigration and customs, although those on BA3 arrive at SNN too late to do so.

Westbound - There are two flights westbound Monday to Friday, none on Saturday, and one on Sunday.
Eastbound - There are two flights a day Monday to Thursday, one flights on Friday, none on Saturday, two on Sunday.

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It is also compounded by the strong headwinds over the Atlantic in the winter, westbound SNN-JFK times can run up to 7-8 hours, trying to lift that much fuel out of LCY can be problematic, I think they can make it out of LCY if the winds were light over the Atlantic, but for the sake of schedule consistency and pre-clearance, they will make a stop in SNN anyway.

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I think it was Toronto - St. Johns - London Heathrow

There is Westjet 737-700 service Vancouver- Glasgow Prestwick. I don’t know it it has any stopover points though


I know of a YHZ-GLA route so maybe the stopover is in Halifax.

Not 100% sure if it terminates at Glasgow Int’l or Glasgow Prestwick though

It’s YYZ-YHZ-GLA, not from Vancouver, you can buy a connecting ticket on to GLA though.

Oh thanks, All. I knew was that it was from a major Canadian city

GLA is Glasgow intl, not Prestwick

Prestwick’s code is PIK