Airbus a318/a319


Theres some rumors going around that theres a318s and a319s coming it true?


Check the A320 Topic, find out. Please stop making topics, which have already been discussed.

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I think so but those two are a bit fuzzy. We are not sure about them but we are 100% sure about the a321 and a320


Gosh sorry just wondering


Were not even sure about the A321.


I thought they realized screenies of the a321?


Nope. Only of the A320.


Infinite flight is really keeping us in the dark…


Yep! That all the part of the fun… I guess…


Well I don’t find it fun…


A318 supposedly confirmed in FDS livery


Let me just clear this up.

A320 is confirmed!
A318ACJ id confirmed!
(overhauled) A321 not confirmed.
A319 not possibly confirmed in Easyjet livery.


I hope they come out the the 319 love that plane


A318 is confirmed, A319 is likely.

Please stop with this.

This is the 3rd or 4th topic of the day on this topic.

There is a search function you can use to find the A320 Family Tracking Thread and it has been actuve most of the day so you should have at least seen it.

I’m sorry I am sounding harsh but I’m sick of these duplicate topics