Airbus A310

Note: this is a request for the Airbus A310. I used that photo just to show how the Airbus A310 would look like in one of the liveries.

I would really love a short and fat plane like the A-310. Here is an example in Biman Bangladesh livery.

Credits to Ralf Manteufel

Out with the pencils planes and in with the marker planes! Just kidding. I have over 130 planes in my favourite planes list and many of them are pencil planes.

  • Yes! We need this!
  • It’s OK, I can live without it.
  • Nah, I hate it.

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Will add a campaign poster like the ones they make before the elections. ;-)


Note: the ‘I can live without it’ type votes will not be considered when deciding whether the users voted in favour of having the model. It is just so that you can give your opinion in general.

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Could you please try to avoid using polls in your #features requests? They aren’t helpful at all as the developers are sorting the topics by likes instead of poll results as it’s easier for everyone. Thanks for your understanding. :)


OK, I will try to avoid that in my coming feature requests. But I can’t do anything as deleting this poll would not be possible now that someone voted.

We need this on the Kuwait Airways livery and Emirates and Qatar.


Tons of liveries with this one including Lufthansa, Kenya Airways, PIA, Emirates just to mention a few


Yes, I’d love them but please remember that this topic is only requesting for a new model in IF.

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Oh no worries. Just wants to mention some liveries for the aircraft :)

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Guys, I have closed down the poll because apparently no one wants to comment on what they like about the Airbus A310.

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And PLEASE post your opinions about this plane!

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If nobody commented their opinion in the last week, they must be uninterested. Most people already stated their opinion in your poll, which was still unnecessary as I already stated above (thanks for closing it by the way) or simply by liking. My vision of the situation is that you just did this topic for likes, poll responses and replies if you keep bumping it and asking people to comment.


Darn, I forgot this request. How could I forget to bump this up for the voting system?

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You can just remove the text that designates a poll. The one time I made a poll, I was able to edit the options and remove it.

Remove this text

[poll type=number min=1 max=20 step=1]


Just noticed that this was probably a bump to this topic… sorry

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I like to be positive, but that is one ugly plane :)

To me it’s disproportionate. Sharp nose, pudgy middle, aesthetically displeasing to my eye.

Why can’t I vote? (I voted for i want this aircraft in infinite flight)

Love that airplane. But could someone tell me the difference between the A300 and the A310 please.

Love that aircraft :D

One of the few Airbus planes that has a yoke


A300 is longer and has a different wing compared to the A310. :-)

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Why not both A300/310 then :-D

They are different models. Check the Wikipedia page for these two planes. :-)