Airbus A300-600F

Already blasting past the A346 πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚

Would be a nice addition for cargo liveries (since we didnt get one with the B752. But maybe A330F next to the A300F)?

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Bump bump bump this great plane

The aircraft cargo fort can open fully but it’s hardly ever opened fully only opened at 70 degree angle. I believe the German Air Force has a military version of this beauty. Correct if wrong. I would vouch for this to replace the A330F.


It sad that the votes are low it would be great but we may not see it in till years later from now and I can vouch for that too. Not a bunch of cargo airlines on A330-200F it would be better to see the a300F there instead

Bump bump:)

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If this gets added to infinite flight i would have a reason to fly an airbus into Pensacola again.

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i would LOVE this but i think the problem is that many people wont use it
like the A330-200F


I would love to see this amazing freighter in IF!


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