Airbus A220/ Bombardier C-Series 300 | Bombardier House Livery

Airbus A220/ Bombardier C-Series 300 | Bombardier House Livery


About the Livery

The Airbus A220 is a family of narrow-body airliner designed by Bombardier Aerospace as the Bombardier CSeries. Though designed by Bombardier, Airbus reached a deal to buy the remaining stake of Canadian plane and train maker Bombardier in the A220 passenger jet program. Before the purchase of the C-Series program, Bombardier had already delivered and produced a few C-Series aircraft, including a demo aircraft designed as a house livery.

A220-300 Specifications


Length (m): 38.0
Wingspan (m): 35.1
Height (m): 11.5
Wing area (m2): 112.3


Maximum take-off weight (kg): 59,560
Maximum landing weight (kg): 55,340


Range with max payload (km): 4,000
Cruise speed (km/h): 870
Maximum operating altitude (m): 1, 500
Take-off field length (m): 1,900
Landing field length (m) 1,350
Engines: PW1500G

Why Should We Have This?

I believe that this is an important livery to have in Infnite Flight. With the few amounts of liveries that are currently avaliable on the A220 (only 8 operators), I feel that this would be a great livery to help “fill in the space”. I also believe that this livery would be a valuable addition to the aircraft, as I believe that it is good to remember where the A220 really came from and where it was designed; Bombardier.


This looks so simplistic and stunning at the same time!

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It is really nice to have this livery. It is so efficient and nice. I flown on one of them the 100 variant of delta to salt lake from orange county’s john wayne airport and back.

I think they should work on adding A220 to the sim. Such a stunning aircraft.

Small bump now the A220 is confirmed. Would love to see this soon!

I’m going to be “angry” if they don’t put the Bombardier house colours on the CS300 as it should be rightfully known


Screw the A220, we need a CS300


Yeah I’d like it it be under “Bombardier” and called the CS300. Maybe if that happened I’d be more excited about this (Airbus just doesn’t excite me lol)

I think I’ll vote for this livery

Added in 21.8