Airbus A220-100 (BCS1)

Having made its maiden flight in 2013, the A220-100 is one of the most modern and latest addition to the narrowbody airframes flying around the world. The A221 stands for a new generation of airplanes build with state-of-the art technology and high fuel efficiency.

The A221 is like a smaller brother of the recently introduced A220-300. It seats between 108 and 133 passengers and is seen as a big competitor for the B737Max and E-Jets E2 series.

Furthermore, the A221 is used by commercial and private operators (ACJ-220). It currently has two active commercial customers, which are Delta Airlines and Swiss International Airlines. There are 6 outstanding orders for the private version of the A221.

But commercial airliners like ITA Airways (Italy), Air Vanuatu (Oceania) and Ibom Air (Nigeria) are currently having outstanding orders for this aircraft as well. Not to forget the Airbus (and older) CSeries house liveries that could also be used when this aircraft gets added. Hopefully many more operators and liveries will come to this modern single-aisle airplane.

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Airbus A220-100 - Specifications
Capacity: 108 - 135 passengers
Length: 35m / 115 ft.
Wingspan: 35m / 115 ft
Engines: Pratt & Whitney PW1500G
MTOW: 63.100 kg / 139000 lbs
Range: 6390 km / 3450 nm

Possible liveries
Delta Airlines - US - Active Operator
Swiss Int. Airlines - Switzerland - Active Operator

ITA Airways - Italy - Open orders
Ibom Air - Nigeria - Open orders
Vanuatu Air - Oceania - Open orders

Airbus House livery
Bombardier CSeries House livery
Airbus Private Jet Livery

Even though the A221 currently does not have a lot of operators, I would still love to fly it in IF in the future. It would also increase the number of narrow-body airframes within the simulator.

wikipedia: Airbus A220 - Wikipedia
wikipedia: List of Airbus A220 operators - Wikipedia
Image: N131DU Delta Air Lines Airbus A220-100 (BD-500-1A10) Photo by Howard Chaloner | ID 1205698 |

this is my first feature request topic ever…so please be gentle on me ;P

Would be nice to fly into London City. Might be worth adding this when it gets more operators in the future. :)


Nope, not yet

I think it’s not more interessant than the BCS3… (without wanting to disrespect you)
Thanks you all the same !

Hopefully coming soon 😊
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What a perfect BAW1 replacement!

Here’s a lovely pic of a Swiss A220-100 with some extra candy 🍬🍭 in the background.

Credit to Christoph Plank
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It isn’t. The smallest variant of the 737 max has significantly more seats than the maximum capacity of the A220-100. It does however compete with the Embraer E-290 and E295.


If we have 300 version, free for 100 a220 versions just give chances not subscribe to pro

I would really like to see the baby microbus 100 (it’s still a BCS1 even after the Frogs took it over) after the E-Jets … I’m not a game designer but I would think it would be “easy” since there’s already the 300 over revamping another or creating a new aircraft

Wonderful idea ! Will do my best to find a free vote 😃😉

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Keeping this alive

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I think they said they have no intention to add this because most a220-300 operators operate a220-100 and that’s “realistic”.


Can’t hurt to stay positive and hope for the best in the future.

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This aircraft kinda looks stubby, with barely any fuselage in between the nose and tail, but it looks cute.

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This really gives me A318 vibes xD

How many airlines actually operate the -100 model?

I guess A220 for other airlines list.

Air Lease Corporation (9).

Air Niugini (6).

Air Vanuatu (2).

Delta Air Lines (45).

ITA Airways (7).

Lufthansa Group for Swiss Air Lines (9).

Nordic Aviation Capital (5).

Odyssey Airlines (10).

I check the Internet for Google information and also too use Wikipedia.

Of this, only Swiss, ITA and Delta operate the -100 at the moment. Air Niugini, Qantas and Ibom Air are expected to join in the coming months and years.

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