Airbus_737’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED, PRACTICAL PASSED}

As I get closer to joining IFATC, I’m going to be practicing ATC more and so I created this new tracking thread (old one is [Closed] Airbus_737’s ATC Tracking Thread @PAJN).

I am open at KLGA on training server!

Duration: 45 minutes

Runways in use: 4, 13

Patterns are allowed! I encourage feedback and challenges :)


I will stop by when I am done with my flight!

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Are you at IAD or LGA?

I’m at LGA, sorry for the mistake

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Hey! I was N316WA in the C208.

Overall, very nicely done!

Transition: All good here! 2500 was the correct altitude

Initial Pattern Entry: Very good job! Right downwind for 04 would be the most logical option.

Clearances: No major issues with the clearances. You gave the correct clearance and used the “after the option” command correctly. In the future, try to clear us a little bit earlier.

Runway Change: Once again, you used the most logical pattern entry and the clearance was correct.

Calling my base: Good call! You avoided a conflict with the intersecting runway by doing that. In the future, you could have cleared me much earlier for that pattern.

Go Around: Nicely done handling this. You gave me the correct command for the situation.

Extending Upwind: The idea you had was great. In the future, you probably should have sent that a bit earlier. (Although I admit I turned quickly).

Runway Exit: Nicely done again!

Overall, you did great! All my commands made sense and you were efficient and effective with your controlling. Hopefully, as you progress you will be able to encounter larger traffic volumes in the pattern.

I’ll try to be back when you open again. Questions are always welcomed!

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Alright i’m spawning in now!

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Good job zach. Good effort trying to deal with Mr toronto

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Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll be closing in a few minutes

Really nice controlling! I purposely when a little high on my pattern and you caught that, and told me to descend! The only thing that I saw which you did not do was: When I was on the ground, I started taxiing through the terminals and grass. You could have given me the “this is not a taxiway” command! Other than that great job!


I am opening one last time tonight at KORF before my practical!

Duration: 30 minutes

Runways in use: 23 and 14

Patterns are allowed and feedback is encouraged.

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Closed, i’m about to do my practical

I am happy to report that I have passed my practical! Thanks to all of you who came to my ATC sessions on training server who made this moment happen.



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Congrats! Isn’t it the best feeling to pass something you’ve been working on? I know I do! Enjoy!

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Congrats Zach! I knew eventually you’d make it to this point. :)

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Well that was super fast. Welcome to IFATC 😎