Airbus 50th Birthday's flight @ LFBO - 151300ZJUN19

Hello guys ! Today we are going to celebrate the 50th Airbus’s birthday !
In this event, we will start at LFBO (Toulouse), the Airbus place. Then we will fly over some french cities, and we will go for a Touch And Go at LFPG (Paris) airport. Then we will fly over Lyon(LFLL) to finally go back to LFBO (Toulouse). That’s why you will have to copy a special Flight Plan from AFKLM264/ @AFKLM_Alexandre

All details bellow :

A/C : A318, A330, A340 // Airbus livery
A319, A320, A380// AirFrance livery
->Your choice !
date 15 june 2019
time 1300Z
server EXPERT
Departure gates below // SPEED 250/280/M0.75 // VS 3000/2900/2700
cruise FL320/M0.75
Descent SPEED M0.75/260/250 // VS -1200/-1100/-1000 TOD in thread
taxi speed 14kts
Pushback/takeoff spacing 2mn

ATC for the event

LFBO 1300Z-1400Z
ATIS : @NiharG
Ground : @NiharG
Tower : @NiharG
Departure :

LFPG 1320Z-1420Z
Ground : @NiharG
Tower : @NiharG
Appr :
Departure :


-LFBO charts :

// A330, A340, A380 //

Airbus South Parking B03 : @Ifatcalexandree - 1300Z - A340
Airbus South Parking B05 : @toni_sitges - 1302Z - A380
Airbus South Parking B07 : @Lufthansa2-1304Z - A330
Airbus South Parking B09 : @JK_330- 1306Z - A340
Airbus South Parking B11 : @Andrey_Wing - 1312Z - A380
Airbus South Parking B13 : @Wesleyhenrich- 1310Z - A330

Airbus South Parking A02 : @Kuba_Jaroszczyk -1318Z - A340
Airbus South Parking A01 : @Joshh - 1320Z - A330
Airbus South Parking A03 : @d15bc922086142cb8336 - 1354Z - A330
Airbus South Parking A05 : @RednoseHeavy -1328Z - A330
Airbus South Parking A07 : @Johanes- 1336Z - A330
Airbus South Parking A09 : @IFliPlanes- 1338Z - A330

Airbus North Parking12 : @BadPlane- 1340Z - A340
Airbus North Parking11 : @Adam.Playz- 1342Z - A330
Airbus North Parking10 : @NathanD - 1346Z - A340
Airbus North Parking09 : @wasabiman - 1348Z - A340
Airbus North Parking08 : @Drew737380 - 1340Z - A340
Airbus North Parking07 : @AlPak_6 - 1342Z - A380
Airbus North Parking06 : @Daniel_Olivis1 - 1346Z - A340
Airbus North Parking05 :
Airbus North Parking04 : @jakcharvat - 1354Z - A330
Airbus North Parking03 : A friend of @jakcharvat - 1356Z - A330
Airbus North Parking02 : @Jehan_Sabavala - 1358Z - A340
Airbus North Parking01 :

// A318, A319, A320 //

Gate V10 :
Gate U42 : @gvillalongo - 1314Z - A318
Gate U41 : @IFC_Flying_Dutchman 1308Z - A318
Gate U32 : @marquise_carter - 1316Z
Gate U31 : @Artmetrix - 1322Z - A320
Gate U22 : @InfiniteFlight_World -1324Z - A318
Gate U21 : @Kayci_Wittl -1326Z - A318
Gate U12 : @Alp_Townend - 1330Z - A318
Gate U11 : @Luke_Around - 1332Z - A319

Gate F32 : @cptGurhan - 1334Z - A320
Gate F31 : @IFATCLee3440 - 1344Z - A319
Gate F30 : @Edivan_dcds - 1400Z - A319
GateF12 :
GateF11 :
GateF10 :

If you want to participate , make me know that in the thread, tell me - aircraft
- gate
- time
(More gates will be added)

NOTAMS : - If you are late, tell me that in the thread
-inscriptions will be closed at 1000Z
-if you are not in time for the pushback, it isn’t too late to respect the rules : please make sure about a 2 minutes spacing for takeoff
-Please respect the rules : the ATC know about the event : if you don’t respect the spacing in the air and on the ground, it will result by ghosting.
-Please respect your gate and your pushback time
-Have fun


Can I please be ground and tower atc

Hi Adam ! Are you in IFATC ?

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Is this on expert, training, or casual? You never specified ;)

Yes I am @Alexandre

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I will see later but I think on expert, is it a problem for u ?


No, but you should put which server it will be on because not everyone has access to expert.

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yes you’re right , tell me if u want to join


there is no airbus livery for the A319/A320//A321//A380. how you wanna do this?

What server did this?

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I would like to attend with an Airbus livery a330 please and thanks!

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@Tomjet073 he’s not sure but he thinks its gonna be on expert

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Guys I forgot to told you but if there isn’t Airbus you can take AF

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Expert I think :)

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what gate are u looking for ?

Hi Adam ! Can you send me a screenshot in where I can see you are able to control in expert server please ? I just want to be sure ^^

In facet it’s ok I think I would rather fly but any other events I will definitely be atc for you

In wich server is it?

expert, is it a problem ?

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I get ghosted yasterday at night, next time

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