Airbus 380 cruise

So I’m in a long haul right now to Copenhagen on a Singapore A380. Been at cruise through the night, woke up and realized that my ground speed has been consistently dropping. When I went to bed I was at M.85 and traveling about 500kts, now I’m about 456kts but my engines are set to M.89.

So long story short tell me what I’m missing that is causing this to happen.

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Have you got strong headwinds/ are you facing strong headwinds?


That’s because the wind has changed it affects your speed


about 57knts headwinds yeah. Doesn’t seem strong to me but that makes sense. Thanks!

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My friend is with me and his speed is staying pretty consistent, which is what confused me.

Now I realize because the A380 is so big and the 777 is sleek enough that the wind doesn’t affect as much.

Basically this is due to headwinds and heights depending if you’ve climbed. :)

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Yup got it sorted now, thanks!


Maybe the plane got lighter and the speed increased…

Mach speed does not represent a specific ground speed. It resprestents the percent of the speed of sound at the current altitude, temperature, winds, etc… All of those factors will effect the ground speed shown. I believe it effects all aircraft the exact same.

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