Airbus 380-800 no lights in cockpit for instrument panels

It seems the Airbus 380-800

cockpit is not lit at night. Please add this feature if applicable.

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Lights are not in all aircraft but if you send a vote to the rework request we might one day get lights in their :)

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Thanks. Why doesnt the Airbus 380-800 cockpit instrument panels are not lit?

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It’s just an old model like the CRJ/C-17. They’ll all get reworked soon with more features.

Ok. Thanks & greatly Appreciated.

The old model aircraft are not updated unlike the 787s A320s and the C130s. There is a feature request for a rework which includes adding these lights! Airbus A380 Rework

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Have a look at the link above. Give the 380 rework a vote ;)

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