Airbus 321 Flare

Hi I am just curious why the A321 starts to flare at 70 feet without me doing anything. My flare usually comes around 20 feet. I can’t seem to control it after the 30 foot mark. Any tips on controlling it during landing? It just does a very hard landing

Did you turn autoland off? What was your speed during landing?

If this is APPR it is another story.
Otherwise, make sure you aren’t too fast, and if not, recalibrate and or use trim. Hope this helps.👍

I dont auto land and it and the speed is 135 knots

That seems a bit slow. From my experience i land the 321 at 140 to 145

Tried that too at 145 knots, same thing.

How heavy is the airplane?

72,000 kg is the weight

All other aircraft worked great with only the A320 doing half what this does.

Found out the issue, it was trim. I need to tweak it and cut power at 15 feet.

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This sounds like the story of ground effect.

According to Wikipedia:

“Flying close to a surface increases air pressure on the lower wing surface”

So when you get close to the ground the air creates a cushion below the wing slowing your descent. So it can easily look like a flare.


Very interesting! I did not know this!

Does IF actually have ground effect?

Yes I believe it does

I know it has noticeable ground effect on the fighters, not sure about the commercial aircraft.

The A321 flight model has had some issues since the global update. Does anybody know if the dev team will address this issue any time soon?

Ground Effect is on most new aircraft and for some reason the 737-BBJ.
I am not 100% sure but I think it is on the 321.

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