Airbus 3, 2, 1!

Saturday, May 6th, 2023

Yesterday was a weird day in Barcelona. At around 11 AM local time, a crazy low cloud formed over the Mediterranean Sea, a thick fog which formed from 0 to 200ft.

Of course, El Prat Airport was amongst the first to be affected by this weird meteorological phenomenon.

I therefore decided to go planespotting.

At around 5:30 PM local, the fog started lifting up and disappearing… So I managed to get some shots of the arriving A321s, which swarm in the Barcelonese sky.

Lufthansa A321neo | MUC-BCN

AirFrance A321 | CDG-BCN | propaganda

Lufthansa A321 not neo | FRA-BCN

Vueling A321 | GRX-BCN

Vueling (ex-LEVEL) A321 | VCE-BCN

Bonus fog shot :

That’s it for today ! Not the topic of the year but since the A321 is so elegant I tohught it would be worth sharing !

Thanks for coming along, hoping the 1 and a half hour bike ride was worth it !

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All photos are mine and taken by myself, usage of these photos must first go through a DM or tag me wherever you want to send it (IG : @mathgarcier).
I use a Canon 450D with an EFS 55-250mm


WAW, beautiful! 🤩

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If it’s Boeing… I ain’t going

Amazing pictures 🤩


Thanks Tim !

Thank you !!!

Beautiful pictures! I like the second to last shot (excluding the bonus one) the best.

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Good shots

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Thank you Mort!

Thanks Kairi!

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