Airbridges etc not there anymore

Just wondering what has happened to the airbridges and other features at MHTG? They were there last week but have now disappeared. Anyone know why?

Try restarting your app and they should return. This sometimes happens within the app

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It could be a rendering/loading issue with the app, connection or device. I just went there and everything was perfectly fine. Try restarting your device or app.

Ok, cool, maybe it’s just my phone. Also, airbridges and cars etc…don’t appear on replays at any airport. Does anyone else have this issue?

Have you restarted your app or device yet?

A previous person had this issue, and when they reinstalled the app it was working ok again.

Save reinstalling as a last resort, if restarting the device and app doesn’t work

This happened to me once and all I did was clear the scenery cache to fix it. Though this was during the 21.1 beta so I am not sure if this would still work. Worth a try though.

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