Airblue A321-200

Airblue is a Pakistani Airline, it’s privately owned, it consists of All Airbus Aircrafts mainly A320 and A321s, all with CFM engines and Sharklets except from one Aircraft (AP-EDF) which has winglets,
Airblue has a beautiful Livery and a very good reputation among airlines in Pakistan, We would love to see this Airline in Infinite Flight as it would increase the Airlines of Pakistan as till now there is only PIA,The Addition of Airblue Livery on A320/321 would be awesome!!
Airblue flies domestic as well as International flights
The airline has a total Fleet of 8 Aircrafts
With a history of A340 and A330s
We would love to see the A321 with registration AP-BMW

Credits: Steve Blood

Can we please have this

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I am totally going to vote! IF should have more pakistani airlines!

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