Airberlin Virtual

Hello. I am currently working on starting a virtual airline that is representative of Air Berlin. As expected from the game, the Airline will operate the 737-700, A319, and Q400 under the Air Berlin livery, and the A320, A321, and 737-800 under the Generic livery. I am currently working on the website, which will be posted soon, and please say if you are interested in joining.
If you own your own Virtual Airline and are interested in partnering, please PM me and give details about your airline.



Ask Colonel Jeff for an alliance :p British Airways :p

Yes! I seek realistic codesharing.

Yeh! OneWorld all the way…

Are you sure?air berlin is etihad group (etihad-alitalia-airberlin-airserbia-airseichelle

Its not ;)

Sorry is it in italian

It is in both the Etihad Group and OneWorld Alliance.

Yes,etihad buy airberlin few years ago

yep just checked its a subsidiary. very interesting. but i don’t think etihad does codeshares with AirBerlin

Are code share with my airline

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ill check one second

Codeshares with BA AF Emirates Aer Lingus KLM Etihad

If anyone is good at photography and can take some pictures for me at Dusseldorf airport, that would be appreciated!

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Here is the website:

A bit messy, but for now it works.

Are you partnered with anyone?

Not yet. I am waiting for certain airlines to come forward as asking for a partnership seems a bit attach-y.

Becuase in one of the VA’s I’m currently in, one of the rules say that I can’t be part of non-partnered va

What is the VA? Maybe I can request a partner, since I’m not getting far this way.

It was the Qantas va that @QantasVirtualAirways runs 🙂