Airberlin Airbus A321

Currently going through a few liveries I’d like to see in the game and I didn’t find a request for this one, so I thought I’d make a post for it. Without sharklets please! (in the case adding the livery would ever be taken into consideration)

Airberlin A321:

Not my photo.
Photo link: Click me!


I support this!


Lets get some Brandenburg love in the haus :p


You’re right. It wouldn’t look that nice with Sharklets :)


Love the A320 family without sharklets, I want this livery.


You only request German or Austrian liveries ;)

@Thomas_Oehrling None of Airberlin’s hubs is in Brandenburg.


Might have to do with my origin ;)

I said it because that’s practically Berlin

Awesome Livery on the a321 I’d love to see it Infinite Flight

Flew on one once to PMI. Love the red

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I want it sooo bad

This livery is truly amazing!

This plane is truly amazing!

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I thought the same !! it looks more fresh with its sharkltes

I recommend you vote for your own request 😉

Great livery! Would love to see this is Infinite Flight 👌

One picture per topic please. 😄

oups, sorry ; I will remove it

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After Witnessing the last flight of AirBerlin last Oct. 28, 2017, i wish there will some tribute of AirBerlin like A livery A330, A320 and A321. I know we have Q400, B737 and A319. I notice that nobody is suggesting of it in the community. So it’s nice to have a tribute of these livery. I hope this will be approved as a remembrance for AirBerlin. #Airberlin


idc about how long it’s been but i’m bumping this as we sadly only have small airberlin aircrafts right now


it’s been years again and i’m bumping this again. i miss airberlin and definitely think we should still get more of the red fleet in here

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