Airberlin A321 (sharklets)



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i think the winglet design is different

Sharklets i know some one gonna do this i ment that w sharklets🙄

So beautiful

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Are we starting to request every plane with different wingtips, engines, seating now?
Sharklet- and wingtip fence equipped aircraft have been handeled the same aircraft in Infinite Flight so far. Guess that’s the same for aircraft/livery requests.

funny now huh lol

Oh My Goodness! Why is this just the most beautiful aircraft IN HISTORY?

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It looks much better with the sharklets. Wouldn’t you want the more modern livery?

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After Witnessing the last flight of AirBerlin last Oct. 28, 2017, i wish there will some tribute of AirBerlin like A livery A330, A320 and A321. I notice that nobody is suggesting of it in the community. So it’s nice to have a tribute of these livery. I hope this will be approved as a remembrance for AirBerlin. #Airberlin

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There is no need to post the same exact thing in 2 different topics bumping them after 1 year since the last reply, just try to make a better one

Sorry I didn’t know that. Because they are separated topics and i don’t know if can create a feature topic. I just suggest in the comment section.

Well, maybe just wait, this actually might come 🤔

I haven’t seen any topic. That’s why I posted in these 3 topics which as you said they are old topics

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Let’s close this topic! Airberlin is ending service anyway. If you still want to post on this plane, use the topic @BavariaAVIATION found. 🔝

This topic is old, but still close it as it was a duplicate in the first place.

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