airBaltic Virtual Recruitment Event! @ EVRA - 132230ZFEB18 [CLOSED]

First airBaltic Virtual Event in IF!

YouTube live coverage! (click to see)

Server: Training

Region: Europe

Departure Airport: EVRA

Arrival Airport: EDDF*

Date: 13/02/2018*

Time: 22:30Z

Aircraft: Dash-8 Q400 (AirBaltic)


Gate 102: @Artem_Frolov
Gate 104: @Ceys033
Gate 105: @William_Croft
Gate 106: @Goran12
Gate 107: @Pijus_G
Gate 108: @Lpurcell27
Gate 109:
Gate 309:
Gate 307:
Gate 305:


More gates will be added if needed!


Dash-8 Q400

NOTAM: Will be issued before the flight

If you want to reserve a gate, please pm me or leave a comment here!

Our website:
If you want to join airBaltic Virtual as a pilot, please fill out this form!

Please, spawn 10 minutes before the flight to be properly ready for the event! Copy flight plan from @Artem_Frolov

*Could be changed, please check this thread for the latest info!


Please ensure you follow the Event Guidelines.

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I’d like EDDF ground and tower

Done! See you there!

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Gate Booking now open!

Since I don’t have time for the flight, I would like to be EVRA ground as that will be good for my training anyways. If you want me to, I’ll happily try tower.

I am not certain if I can do tower because I have never tried, but gonna watch the tutorials.

Awesome! EVRA Ground + Tower is yours!

Do i reserve a gate here?

You do! See you there

The event is tomorrow! Don’t forget to book a gate!

Did some training and now I know how to do tower, soo ready for tomorrow.

Good to hear! See you tomorrow!

yeh ill try and get there

Awesome! Gate is yours

GATE 107 for reservation please.

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Count as done! See you there

The event is today! Last chance to book gates

We will be using only Dash-8 in order to control the cruising speed a little bit:)

Can I have a gate please I will come in a Dash8 I will be live streaming for YouTube.