airBaltic Virtual Official Thread [Looking for CEO]

airBaltic Virtual - Help us to make eastern Europe the best place for flying!

airBaltic Virtual is IFVARB certified virtual airline established in December 2017

Our website
Pilot’s Hub:

Our Fleet

Boeing 737-700

Dash-8 Q400 NextGen

Boeing 787-8


That is only a few of them! More may be found on our website


CEO - @Artem_Frolov
COO - @D3vison
HR Manager - @Ishan_S

  • If you want to apply as a pilot, please find more information on our website

Big thank you to @BluePanda900 and IFVARB team!

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Thank you for your time
We hope to see you soon with us!
Artem Frolov,
airBaltic Virtual CEO


We’re soon planning an event (EVRA - EDDF/EGKK)! Check the forum for further information

That seems exciting it looks like this VA could be a success

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We are planning on expanding our fleet once we have more pilots cause we can’t fly anywhere without pilots.

Sign up for an event!

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Air Baltic has stopped accepting Staff applications until we arrive with more pilots.

Please explain to me how this VA thing works. If you join as a pilot are you to fly a certain route a certain amount of times per week etc. What involvment is needed to be as a pilot. I’m interested but I’d like to know more. Thanks

You have to log 2 flight hours every 30 days at minimum. We use Crew Center like Qantas so it makes things a lot quicker to process. We have all our routes on there. Only thing is you have to sign up on the website to be able to get access to Crew Center.

Check out our new plane! B787-8

Important notification #1

AirBaltic Virtual is searching for event manager and recruiter! If you want to apply for the listed positions, please send me a PM!

We are also recruiting pilots of all grades! If you want to apply, find out more on our website!

What we offer:

  • Virtual Airline Manager as a pilot’s portal (file PIREP’s, find the best schedule fo ryou and more!)
  • Ranking system
  • Training for pilots if required

Join us today and get 2x flight time for the first flight!

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How many pilots do you guys have??

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