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Join us as we take off from our hub EVRA (Riga International Airport) and fly in an airBaltic BCS3 to BIKF (Keflavík International Airport).

Get ready to participate in our Northern Lights Express event! Join us for an exhilarating journey from the vibrant city of Riga to the enchanting landscapes of Reykjavik aboard our sleek airBaltic BCS3 (Airbus A220-300) aircraft. Embark on a Nordic adventure as we soar over the Baltic Sea, witnessing breathtaking views of rugged coastlines and pristine fjords.

Route Aircraft Livery Distance Cruising Altitude Fuel Cargo PAX Duration
EVRABIKF BCS3 (Airbus A220-300) airBaltic 1,432nm FL340 12,344kgs 3,788kgs 160 4:05

airBaltic Virtual | BCS3

Flight Plan: EVRA 5651N/2358E 5646N/2347E 5651N/2334E 5657N/2319E 5714N/2256E LAPSA 5736N/2157E BATPA ISVIG ING 6354N/1856W NASBU ABEXI KF384 KF385 KOPUM DEXON BIKF

Copy the above FPL text into the waypoint search bar within Infinite Flight.

Route based off of airBaltic flight BT169.

Departure Brief
SID Runway Taxi Route Post SID Speeds V-Speeds
LAPS5E 18 TWY F → E 250kts / 290kts / 0.78M 2400 / 2200 / 2000

Arrival Brief
STAR Runway Taxi Route Before STAR Speeds V-Speeds
NASB4N 01 TWY E3/E4 → N4 0.78M / 290kts / 250kts Follow V-NAV

To provide the best possible ATC coverage for this event, we kindly request that IFATC members consider staffing both Riga International Airport (EVRA) and BIKF (Keflavík International Airport). This will enhance realism, coordination, and overall enjoyment for everyone involved.

Airport Ground Tower Approach / Departure Center
EVRA (Riga International Airport)
BIKF (Keflavík International Airport) @United403 @United403

However, in the event of a shortage of available controllers, we kindly ask for your understanding and flexibility. In such cases, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Familiarize yourself with the specific procedures for Riga International Airport (EVRA) and BIKF (Keflavík International Airport). Ensure you are well-versed in the taxiways, runways, and any unique airport operations.

  • In the absence of active ATC, pilots will rely on the Unicom frequency for communication. It is crucial to use Unicom correctly, providing clear and concise information about your intentions, such as taxiing, departing, or landing.

  • Before pushing back from the gate, it is vital to check the METAR for both departure and destination airports. Stay up-to-date with weather conditions, including wind speed and direction, visibility, and any significant changes that may affect aircraft operations.

By adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure a realistic and enjoyable experience for all participants, even in the absence of active ATC. Your professionalism and commitment to maintaining the highest standards of aviation within Infinite Flight are greatly appreciated.

Updated 3/28/24

When ATC services are available, it is mandatory to follow all instructions given by the controllers. Maintain professionalism, adhere to proper procedures, and cooperate fully to ensure efficient traffic flow.

It is crucial to understand that airBaltic Virtual and any of our staff members are not responsible for any violations that may occur during the event. Each pilot is individually responsible for adhering to the Infinite Flight rules and guidelines at all times.

We kindly request that all participants behave professionally throughout the event. Show respect to fellow pilots and controllers, refrain from disruptive behavior or trolling, and maintain a positive and welcoming environment for everyone.

This event is expected to create a high-traffic environment surrounding Riga International Airport (EVRA) and BIKF (Keflavík International Airport). Pilots must pay close attention to their devices during the departure and approach phase of the flight.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these NOTAMs and helping us create a memorable and successful Delivery Dash event. Remember, your actions contribute to the overall experience of each participant. These NOTAMs are subject to change and should be checked leading up to the start of the event.

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Iceland here we come 🥳

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This looks like a really cool event.


Hope to see you there @Topgottem!

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Id love to help with Keflavik Ground and Tower


Super excited, this route is gonna be so much fun!

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We’ll mark you down @United403, thanks!

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