airBaltic Virtual | Baltic Bound

When is the main takeoff?

I assume this refers to the main takeoff slot.

I will say by 11:30. I will spawn after 11 to make my FLP SID and STAR


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We’ll copy your SID and STAR.

Roger wilco

What’s that

Are you going to use the air baltic special livery or normal?

Where are you taxiing from?

I will base it on TKF RNW. I’ll be at ISTAMBUL in 15 min

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The route paths
SID: Standard Instrument Departure
STAR: Standard Terminal Arrival Route

Is the FPL ready? the one listed does look to enter forbidden airspace.

My FLP is done. Left of the TKF RNW 36.

We can’t enter Ukrainian airspace… I added few more waypoints on it… Feel free to copy.

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We’ll use the following speeds and altitudes:

Speed: 250kts Under FL100 / 297kts above FL100 / Ceiling FL340
VS 2200 under FL100 / 1500 above FL100.

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Just copy mine

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Let’s do this Baltics!


Departing now, big thank you to everyone who came out! Enjoy the flight!

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Thanks for providing these @Pilot_Aaltonen!

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@Kai11 next time let’s not completely pass the hold short line, could have easily reported you for that

Get ready for approach!

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