airBaltic “Lithuanian Flag”- A220-300 (Air Baltic)

airBaltic A220-300 Lithuanian Flag livrery 🇱🇹


Hey IFC, this is my second topic of features, I really like airBaltic and I share with you its third special livery!

Anna Zvereva/Creative Commons

About airBaltic

airBaltic is a Baltic airline based mainly in Riga, Latvia, at present it is mainly composed of A220-300, she has released three special liveries and here is her latest special livery Lithuanian Livery.
Lithuania is a country south of Latvia, its capital is Vilnus (EYVI), there are regular flights from Vilnus!

About the special livery

The registration of the livery is YL-CSK, this livery represents the flag of Lithuania keeping the engines in the colors of the company (light green) the tail as the fuselage forms the flag of Lithuania.
Here is a video of the creation of the paintjob!


Thank you for reading so far, it’s a pleasure!
Having already been to Latvia, I can’t wait to see these liveries come to life
I hope that when the A220 arrives, there will be this livery as well as this one!
Don’t hesitate to vote! thank you

misterATOMIC 👨‍✈️

Beautiful thread like the other !

Other thread ;

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i Hope ! If the A220 is announced, with the few operators contrary to the A330, Infinite Flight will have to do the special liveries of some airlines like airBaltic! and there I would be happy as a


Good aircraft but not enough livrery so saddd

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Lets not talk about what to vote and what not to vote here,

But like said above, since the A223 has not many liveries, I would love to see some special liveries like this one!

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Yes, but not many airlines but 4 more with special liveries ! (like some on some airplanes.)

I would also like to see a lot of special liveries, as the A223 doesn’t have a lot of liveries!
That’s one more point!

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Spawning @Tsumia.
One of the best A220 livery. 😍

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I’ve been brought here.

Lovely livery. I’ll definitely consider removing votes in favour of these. This will be in the future though.


@Tsumia Look this Nose


I’d rank this second behind the Swiss special livery but it’s definitely very cool.

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Engine is incredible.

Very important to revote for this beautiful livery of Vilnius.

A220 announced now hope this special livery come in IF

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Heeey thanks, I said I would come back if the 220 was announced to support the preferred liveries

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Gorgeous livery, would absolutely love this. Už Lietuvą!

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Yes and wonderful airline
Already taken, it’s fire airline

This livery exists !

It really does… I can’t believe it…