airBaltic Latvia 100 livery - A220-300

As we all know, the A220 is in the last round of the polls! Therefore I want to make a feature request:


airBaltic, a rapidly growing airline from the Baltic states Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania decided to retire all its Q400s and B737s, and replace them with A220s. This decision was wise as we could see recently because by using this aircraft only, the airline automatically cut lots of costs and they only had to ground one of their A220s for a longer period of time. The airline is also profiting from the positive feedback for their cabin.
2 years ago, AirBaltic decided to make a special livery for the state of Latvia for existing 100 years since the foundation in 1918, after WorldWar 1 ended. To mark this anniversary, they painted one of their A220-300 in colors of the flag of Latvia and painted a small “Latvia 100” on the back, the zeros making the infinity symbol to symbolize the limitless existence of Latvia in the future. They also painted an A220-300 in Estonian colors and one in Lithuanian colors.
But since their headquarter is in Riga, the capital of Latvia, I want to request the Latvia 100 livery:

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Oh no!.. i want to making this thread (with the 3 livery)

Can I have all three delivered at the same time please?

I just asked, and no you cant request all at once. Only one at a time

Ok i making EE and LT ?

Feel free to do so

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I Voted for it


Thank you a lot!


Calls in @Tsumia


I also wanted to summon him but I had too great respect xD


So now you have my vote bro ! Love Latvija 🇱🇻

Love airBaltic 💚

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Let’s get this! I have a good feeling about this

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I love this video, so nice airplane in RIGA

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This kinda gave me goosebumps 😅

Hey @Maximilian1805 very sad, for this news, i devote, but i record this topic, i’m so sad. Very…
See you after the A330.