airBaltic “Estonian Flag” - A220-300 (Air Baltic)

airBaltic A220-300 Estonian Flag livrery 🇪🇪


Hey IFC, this is my first story, I really like airBaltic and I share with you its second special livery, don’t hesitate to tell me if there are any problems, I’ll fix it!!


About airBaltic

airBaltic is a Baltic airline based mainly in Riga, Latvia, at present it is mainly composed of A220-300, it has released three special liveries and here is its second special livery Estonian Livery.
Estonia is a country north of Latvia, its capital is Talinn (EETN), there are regular flights from Talinn.

About the special livery

The registration of the livery is YL-CSJ, this livery represents the flag of Estonia keeping the engines in the colors of the company (light green) the tail as the fuselage forms the flag of Estonia.
Here is a video of the creation of the paintjob!


Hey, thanks for reading so far !
Having already been to Latvia, I can’t wait to see these liveries come to life
I hope that when the A220 arrives there will be this livery as well as this one !
Don’t hesitate to vote! thank you

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Beautiful thread guy ! Hope to see that on Infinite Flight !


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That means @Tsumia


Only sad thing about air baltic is that they only now operate the A220 as they have retired all of there dash 8 but this liverly would look stunning in the sim


Go check the other thread we need this one also ;


Thank for the help for making this thread ! And yeah i hope to see that livery ! Lithuanian and [100 Latvija !

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Yes, but we still have the Dash! It’s also sad to see them in real life but the A220 is very good for BIKF-EVRA or LFPG-EVRA as I already did in real life! and why I’m in love with this airline.


Check this ;


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Please vote for this ! Hope to see the A220 on Infinite Flight soon


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Sad to unvote.

Why don’t revote. Can’t wait to see A220.

I truly love this livery and think yes it should be added to IF, but the chances of them adding special liveries are slim with copyright.

I don’t understand why you all talk about copyright, I’m not going to mention them but on other sims no copyright is needed and you have all the special liveries you want, all you need is a 3D creator.

Take geminijets for example, let’s say they are modeling a Lufthansa A330-300 new livery. They can’t just get lufthansa logo and livery, put it on the plane and sell it. Pretty sure that’s like illegal. So what they need to do, is get lufthansa’s copyright on the livery so they can create it and sell it. With Flight Simulators i truly don’t know how it works but i think, I could be wrong but I think there are some copyright terms to i. I am not a dev just a member so don’t take my word as a fact! :)

Yea this makes me wonder how rfs is still running. With all those copyright liverys

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Okay so now vote for this

Voted too! This is by far my most favourite livery for the A220. I really hope it will be added! <3