AirBaltic All A220 Fleet!

AirBaltic All A220 Fleet!

AirBaltic: Cheap flights to Baltics, Europe & Middle East | airBaltic will retire its final 737 aircrafts in 2020! This will start the first era for the carrier, which will become an all **A220 Fleet.**Also, AirBaltic will be the first to do this!

What are your thoughts on this all A220 Fleet


AirBaltic©️ and

ThomasThePro Happy New Years🤙


First of all its AirBaltic
Second of all they still have Dash 8s

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They are retiring them soon. Guess made a mistake!

@NeperQiell check this out!

Happy New Years 🎆

This is great. I like it. Good thing I rid their 737-300 just in time.

I love their A220. Which every Airline had them. @Tsumia their 737 look ugly right?

You re saying that after retiring their last 737, they will become an all A220 airline which is untrue because they will still have their Dash 8s
Happy new year btw

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How is that a good news anyway, I’ll miss the Boeing, it looked amazing

Ugly? Theyre majestic!


@NeperQiell let’s say their international fleet! 😜. Plus most airlines move more international passengers the domestic since AirBaltic is located in a small country! :)

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I believe AirBaltic doesnt even have any domestic routes lol 😅

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Probably because Estonia, or whatever country they are from is small enough that you could drive across it in about 30 minutes with decent traffic.

Its Latvia, and yeah i know that

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My. Favorite. Plane.
So glad they will become an all Airbus fleet!

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