AirAsia X to Serve HNL

This will be a 5th freedom route from KUL-KIX-HNL. Seems like a cheap fare to me… flights after the introductory ones will be more expensive, but I’m down to fly to HNL just for this… anyone else willing to fly to KIX/KUL to head to Honolulu or to fly to HNL to try this?


Not on Air Asia X. You should see some of the Air Asia dramas that we’ve seen here in Australia. There were 8 seperate investigations being run by the ATSB in an 18 month period, including Flying below minimum safe altitude on approach to the Gold Coast, selecting incorrect departure SIDS out of YSSY (even after the GPS coordinates didn’t match up when entered in and the pilots got an error on the ground) causing a left turn off 16R Departure (meant to be a right turn to DUNES waypoint) causing them to cross the path of 16L and another takeoff clearance had to be cancelled!

Keep your cheap flights!

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Oh gee, all these little things add up but don’t get noticed by the media (here is a topic on one of the incidents). I’ll be keeping them in mind!

Maybe I should stick with Qantas out of Honolulu to Southeast Asia… much safer detour to go via SYD than via KIX…


Isn’t ANA buying their fleet of A380 passenger bombers mainly for the HNL route?

If you want connections to Asia via HNL, I’m sure they will be competitive.

Anyway, back to Air Asia. They could do very well on this route with the A330-900s they have on order.

Depends, what aircraft is being used for the route

Really? That sounds dangerous ;)

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