AirAsia X A330-300

Yes Malaysian Airlines do fly that route

With a 777?

No, with their B737-800


I saw they made a flight with a 777. Must have been a one time flight. I should use it again on that route.

Malaysian airlines have grounded their 777 fleet …

Bad publicity is what I think. That two aircrafts of the same design and of the same airline had been lost doesn’t mean they need to retire their full 777 fleet.

True. I think it is because they lost many customers and were very close to becoming broke so they didn’t need to operate their 777 fleet anymore

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Though its just amazing that this had happened twice and in a short period of time.

It’s not a recent thing that the WSSS-WMKK route is operated by B738s…

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Before B772 grounding (and after MH17 and MH370), MAS sometimes uses B772 on some regional routes. As it’s faster than B738 (eg : KUL-BKI). Maybe SIN-KUL is one of them

I like the "X’ sticker actually :p

I haven’t heard of any MAS B772 doing the WMKK-WSSS route though

I saw it in Macau while I was walking my dog. I found out later that it was the first AirAsia flight there using the A333. Really nice livery.

Looks really good, I like it!

No they don’t go to Canberra, trust me! Hope they don’t cus one from Sydney managed to end up in Melbourne some how

Due to ATSB not really trusting Air Asias safety

Yes please, I’ve flown on this aircraft last year from KL-SYD. Lovely livery and one of the best budget airlines in my opinion!

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