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We Are Infinite Flight Community From Indonesia! Let’s fly together, have fun together, and enjoy the beauty of Asia with AirAsia!

Why we are different?

Because we are one family. We prioritize QUALITY over QUANTITY. It’s useless for many pilots but lazy to flight!

Our Staff

Our Staff

@Elvan_MakoTo - CEO
@RamaneAzzam_Palu - HR Manager
@donnebanget - ICT Manager
@Aditya_Afrian45 - Event Manager
@simon.saweho - Flight Validator
@CAPT.TIRTA - Social Media Manager

In addition to the ranking system, we will also give special rewards to Pilots who take part in the Event or reach a certain number of hours.

Trainee : 0 to 20 Hours

Aircraft : A320

Third Officer : 21 to 50 Hours

Aircraft : A320

Second Officer : 51 to 100 Hours

Aircraft : A320

First Officer : 101 to 200 Hours

Aircraft : A320 and A333

Captain : 201 to 400 Hours

Aircraft : A320 and A333

Senior Captain : > 401 Hours

Aircraft : A320 and A333

Airbus A320

Airbus A330

Bring AirAsia to The World!

As we flying between island, we can enjoy the beauty of Asia. We like to invite everyone about this other side of the Globe. We prioritize the pilot’s needed, we will maintain the relation between pilot so they enjoy and will do flight over and over again to fill the Infinite Flight Sky. We provides some Events, Training, and Tutorial for our pilot so the pilot can fly with the full of realism.

Route Map

AirAsia (AK/AXM)

With 705 Routes from WMKK (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

Indonesia AirAsia (QZ/AWQ)

With 176 Routes from WIII (Soekarno Hatta International Airport)

AirAsia X (D7/XAX)

With 84 Routes from WMKK (Kuala Lumpur International Airport) Using Airbus A330

Before you continue to be AirAsia Virtual Airlines Pilot, you must read carefully our Basic Policies.

Minimum Requirements

  • Be aged 14 or above
  • Be Grade 2 or above
  • Possess a legal PRO Subscription of Infinite Flight
  • Be able to fly for AirAsia Virtual Airlines at least once every seven (7) days
  • Be willing to join discord, our way of communication between Staff and Pilots
  • Be prepared to submit their real identity

If you meet the criteria, feel free to apply using the link below. We hope to see you onboard soon!


AirAsia Virtual Airlines is in no way related to the real-world AirAsia Airlines Co.
Please visit for information on their company and for real-world flight booking.
All trademarks and logos remain property of their respective owners.


Beautiful thread. Best of luck to you!


I love AirAsia, back when I wasn’t on the IFC I had an Infinite Flight Air Asia Virtual Airlines in Instagram!


Great Thread mate,I was hoping to apply if it was at slack :(
But Cheers To the Future


Holy moly… I gotta say, the title is 100 percent correct. Very appealing thread, best of luck! 🤗


I prefer Discord over Slack any day but I don’t have a sub and I also don’t have time cuz school xD. Anyway nice thread and good luck!

Oop didn’t mean to reply to you Meteomaxt xD.


Nice thread! I always looking for this VA since global was released. as nice service IRL :) I think in 2/3 weeks as i will brought the live subs. and will make an pilot application. Also looking forward to be available on slack in the future :)

Heres a Bonus for you

Taken by my device at WADL/LOP


Congratulation my friend:) best of luck for airasia VA😁😁


Congratulationss!! Very great to be in this VA

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I’ve got to say, no lie, this is the most beautiful I’ve seen

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The title slogan/motto is pretty much what our teachers say every time we do a writing task or assessment.

great airline, looking good have good success!!!

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By the way you might want to change the grade 3 requirement statement because there are contradictory statements on this topic and on the website

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Nice thread! Best of luck!

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Thank you @KaiM @Vinne @Niccckk @Ramzi_Khairan @Farhatsyah_Zamri @anon41771314 @Luke_L @T1MMY4L1F3_YT
all of this can happen because of your support (and others of course)

@Mateomaxt Cheers Mate, maybe you can try discord?


Thanks ouzi, we’re looking forward for you application.

And nice pic you got. Beautiful one. Thanks for putting it here


Are there any staff applications available?


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