AirAsia Announces Unlimited Flying For A Year For $118

You thought this was crazy? Flair Airlines Announces Unlimited Flying For 3 Months For $499

Enter AirAsia’s new deal:

Unlimited flying in the Asia/Pacific region for 499 Malaysian ringgit or $118 USD.


AirAsia has announced the AirAsia Unlimited Pass: Unlimited 1 year flying within the Asia/Pacific region to Australia, Japan, South Korea, China, and India.

The AirAsia Unlimited Pass is available or mobile app from 29 February 2020 (1200hrs Local Time) to 7 March 2020 (2359hrs Local Time) only.

AirAsia’s motivation for this pass according to AirAsiaX’s CEO Benyamin Ismail is “unprecedented”
as “AirAsia has always been known as the disruptor and they want to restore traveler’s confidence amid the current sentiment towards flying.

(Also they’re currently in financial trouble and would like to defer their A330neo orders, so there’s that).

AirAsia assures its aircraft are clean, filtered, and air in line with global standards amidst the virus.


The basic conditions for the pass:

  • Additional charges subject to government taxes and fees, add ons and others.
  • Flight booking must be made at least 14 days before departure
  • The pass only works between March 2, 2020 and March 2, 2021

Full Press Release:

This is honestly… an amazing but risky deal at the moment given the coronavirus outbreak in the region.

The A330neo would definitely be fun to fly, and AirAsia offers some great destinations such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Sydney, Avalon (Melbourne), Delhi, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Jeju, Tokyo, Osaka, and more.

If you’re planning on buying the pass, it ends in a few days on March 7 as noted above.

What are your thoughts? Would you book this unlimited pass despite the current situation in the region?


Ummmm I’ll pass on the Coronavirus for now, thanks for the offer tho


That’s an absolutely insane offer. You barely get fares like that on an LCC for a single flight!

As Noah said, I wouldn’t really wanna be touring Asia at this time though.


A year for 118? That’s perfect just makes traveling much cheaper!

I’m waiting for jetBlue to do this, considering we’ve already had Flair Air and now AirAsia do unlimited flying. Once jetBlue does it I might try to get one.

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Im moving to Asia.

After the CoronaVirus.

This means the going down in sales. They need quick money 📉

That’s the real question - would you want to buy it now and save it once the coronavirus is over? Will the virus be over before the pass ends? The opportunity to purchase it will be over on March 7, so it’s a risky move but could be a huge win in the long run.


I believe that this attempt somewhat mimics American Airlines desperation move with the golden ticket. If COVID-19 is contained in the new future, I believe that the executives at Air Asia will be rethinking this. For now, I would say that this is a great deal, and if you are planning on traveling to Asia or you live in Asia, I wouldn’t let the Coronavirus affect your decision for purchase.

I can only agree with @AlphaSeven.

The price is fantastic and it would be a really good deal (especially for 1 full year!).

That’s the interesting question here. Nobody can see how the situation will develop, and it’s really unclear wether that deal would be a good idea or not. I am fortunately not in a situation where I have to think about that deal, but I don’t know how I would decide.

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It’s a cool idea, but it’s only for AirAsia BIG members that are currently based in Malaysia, so it’s not for everyone.

Oh no…
these memberships are getting a bit out of hand lol

I hope an American LCC does this one day, I would love to travel the United States.

I hope a European airline that flies to Gatwick does this. Who cares if it ends in

Once again, I am asking for your financial support

Air Asia does direct flights to Brisbane from DMG (Bangkok) i would love to visit Thailand but stupid allergies stop me from travelling anywhere in asia. I have the money but my immune system has other ideas

If I was a betting man I’d be willing to put money on them hoping that everyone will see this great deal, but em up, and then this COVID-19 thing really blows up, and no one flies for the better part of that year. More or less they get a whole lot of capital up front, and almost no one uses it.

This is 100% due to cash flow issues. The coronavirus is already leading to airlines grounding fleets of aircraft and laying off staff so this makes the already bad situation at Air Asia even worse.

Hahahahaha that’s what i was thinking when I saw this

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Does anyone know what AirAsia is like? Are they nice?

COVID 19 soo no