AirAsia A330 Engine Faliure

Much like my QF94 report not so long ago, An Airbus A330 operated by Air Asia X had a engine failure mid flight. A successful emergency landing was made back at Perth Intl. Passengers say that the plane was rocking violently”. It is belived that one of the fan discs came off.
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Must be really hard on non-avgeeks

*also you spelt “violently” wrong 😉


A fan ‘blade’ came off. I can only assume the engine was shut down and the vibration was caused by the unbalanced front fan windmilling.

Uncomfortable but not necessarily dangerous.


Probably he’s. They would’ve had to shut it down to stop further damage

I just heard about this a few minutes ago so jumped on the community. What is wrong with Rolls Royce? Lucky no one has been injured in all these A330 engine incidents.

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Standard practice with such extreme vibration would be to run the engine severe damage/separation checklist which shuts down and isolates the engine on the pylon using the fire handles.

The problem is that at 300kts plus the inflow into the fan will windmill the engine and there is nothing you can do about it. The Trent 700 has a pretty big fan to spin around unbalanced.

Vary the airspeed to try and find the most comfortable vibration level and divert ASAP.

Seems like the whole crew did a nice job getting it back and keeping everybody informed and calm.


What I heard was alarming to the passengers was that either the captain or the FO came on and told the passengers to pray…twice. Regardless of how terrible the situation I would say it is not wise fo r one of the pilots to tell the cabin to pray or tell them something that would cause a panic. The Cabin crew would already have enough to deal with without one of the pilots creating a panic.

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Oh seriously? Why couldn’t it be dealt with professionally. Like on Qantas Flight 32, where part of the wing was missing!


How does an engine course an airplane to shake?

They’re spinning at thousands of revolutions per minute!

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Ooh so won’t they designed for such things…coz i once sow a Rolls Royce engine being test on tv and it pass the test,and they even said the engine can contain the fan disc

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Watch this video to see what it was like inside the aircraft. Pretty crazy!


Telling people to pray means they could die and would inflict greater fear. This is crazy and not professional in any way.


But still, (From my perspective) it will increases pilot’s confidence if their passengers are praying the best for their planes. It might not sounds good for some of the passengers and unproffessional on any way. But from my opinion and most East Asian perspective, It do increases the pilots faith


Prayers work in this types of situation coz it help u with ur self confidence and increase ur chance of survival ,that’s what I believe

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Yes they are tested, but they can not withstand every explosion (especially if they are catastrophic). I understand what you guys are saying about praying during the incident, I guess it depends on religion.


Ja U are write about depending on what type of religion people believe in(Captain_Ed)


Oh man I didn’t realise it was that bad, it must’ve been so intense! They do look like massage chairs. The power of jet engines…
Rolls Royce get yourself sorted out already. What is happening with these engines.

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Man the engine was vibrating bad in this video! Surprising everything in the cabin held together so well.

(Go to 0:18)