AirAsia A320 - Smooth Landing in Vientiane, Laos

In this video, you watch the landing of a flight I had took from Kuala Lumpur to Vientiane, Laos in an AirAsia A320. It was amazingly a smooth landing considering how short the runway was and how the runway was mostly used by turboprops (which can be seen in the last few seconds of the video).

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Last but not least, I snapped a quick picture before heading down to collect our baggage.

I also managed to go to the cockpit and have a talk with the pilots, I’ll try find that photo as soon as possible.


How? Haha.

Great video and that was a great landing the pilot made :)

Just asked ;)

Thanks, and yes, it sure was an amazing landing.

Might try that myself ;)

You should, Ive been in the cockpit loadsss of times.

Yeah, just ask, EI for example will always let you in

Other airlines such as Emirates don’t really let you in that often…

This was an honest bump, I was scrolling through my untouched IFC notifications and just saw @CaptainHugh‘s reply to this topic.

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