AirAsia A320 landing at KSFO

A nice view of Air Asia A320 Landing at KSFO runway 28R. Try to see by zooming…

Time 2034GMT Date 21-6-2022


Please keep in mind that plane is perfectly
in-line with the runway when I took screen shot.

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Good Screensot! Good job!

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OK. I will keep that in mind

Nice screenshot tho

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Thank you Flyingshib!!

Ha ha ha… Good joke NemAir!

What do you think which camera will be covering this angle? A huge pic which is showing both runways and airport too.

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What is air Asia doing in SFO

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is this expert?

Pretty Shot!

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amazing landing and picture @Aviation_Lines !

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Guys just one like needed for 10 total.

Good Question. It has probably come for overhauling…

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Thank you so much Daniel.

Couldn’t understand what you’re saying. Can you please explain?

No problem @Aviation_Lines !
Have fun on infinite flight and keep up the good landings and takeoffs! :D

  • Daniel_Ngo
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was that solo or online