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Team Applications Close Tonight @ 0000Z

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Currently, we have a total of 12 Teams Competing this year! They need team members! See their threads at the top of this thread under the team’s name!

Current Teams:

We have awesome sponsors this year (To Be Announced) & we have so many cool features for this years events! Come Join The Airalympic Journey!



Team USA 🇺🇸

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May I ask, what time are the events?

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There will be 2 set times daily per each event. Check the Master Plan and the Planned Event’s Schedule for more information



Team India 🇮🇳

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0000Z - January 27th IAB Press Release

2019 Airalympic Games Sponsors

Applications to create teams have closed, the line-up of nations is basically finalized. We have a total of 12 teams that will be competing across 10 events in 5 different sports. Team Australia, Team Canada, Team Germany, Team Great Britain, Team India, Team Indonesia, Team Italy, Team Mexico, Team Netherlands, Team New Zealand, Team Switzerland, and Team USA will be on the center stage in this years games as they compete for the #1 title as well as some cool awards presented by us from our great sponsors. We look forward to the fierce competition, and we wish every competitor the best of luck at these games.

Our 2019 Airalympic Games Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor & Official Flight Tracker For The Airalympic Games - LiveFlight


We are so excited to announce LiveFlight as the presenting sponsor and the official flight tracker for the 2019 Airalympic Games! The International Airalympic Board would like to thank @Cameron, @MishaCamp and the rest of the team over at LiveFlight for their generous donation - sponsoring 15-1 Year LiveFlight Horizon Subscriptions

LiveFlight - Free App

Get the most out of your flight simulator experience with LiveFlight - the ultimate flight tracker for the mobile flight simulator, Infinite Flight! Easily track flight’s and air traffic controllers in real-time across multiple servers and discover new airports around the world! Visualize flights and airports on a flat map or in amazing levels of three-dimensional detail on a globe. See flight stats including speed, altitude, aircraft and livery, flight duration and flight plan. Plan ahead and prepare your flights with detailed, interactive ground charts.

Read More about LiveFlight & it’s Features!
LiveFlight App

LiveFlight Horizon - 15-1 Year Horizon Subscriptions

Want to get the most out of Infinite Flight and LiveFlight? With LiveFlight you get access to many exclusive features including:

Globe view - Explore flights and airports on a 3D globe (iOS only)
Worldwide airport information - Including weather, runway data and ground charts.
Interactive airport charts - Plan taxi routes with ease.
Search - For flights, active ATC frequencies and airports.
Download KML files - Scrutinise your flight in Google Earth.
Access on any IOS device or web browser - Experience the power of Horizon on any iOS device or web browser.
No more ads and much longer timeouts

Those are just some of the cool feature’s that come along with LiveFlight Horizon! If your team receives first place, you will receive this app along with In-Flight Assistant.

Read More about LiveFlight Horizon & it’s Features!

LiveFlight Horizon

Sponsor - In-Flight Instruments & Assistant

We are also pleased to announce a key sponsorship from @epaga. Epaga has been a long time supporter of the Airalympic Games and we are glad to welcome him back in sponsoring this years games. This year, Epaga is sponsoring 12 copies for both his 3rd Party Apps; In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments.

In-Flight Assistant - 12 Copies of the app

In-Flight Assistant adds a whole new dimension of realism to your Infinite Flight experience! Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it’s takeoff callouts like “V₁”, “Rotate!”, or “Positive Rate”, or whether it’s warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gear settings - there’s so much that In-Flight Assistant has to offer! If your team receives first place, you will receive this app along with LiveFlight Horizon.

Read More about In-Flight Assistant & how cool it is!

In-Flight Assistant (IOS)
In-Flight Assistant (Android)

In-Flight Instruments - 12 Copies of the app

Ever wished for live instruments while flying in Infinite Flight? In-Flight Instruments is a third-party app by @epaga that does just that! In-Flight Instruments (IF-I) connects to your running flight and displays live instruments, enabling exciting new ways to fly. Fly a low-visibility IFR flight, or fly primarily with an external view, keeping a close eye on your instruments to stay steady… There’s so much to do within this fantastic app!! If your team receives second place, you will receive this app.

Read More about In-Flight Instruments & how awesome it is!

In-Flight Instruments (IOS)

All Banners made by @CaptJackson


0500Z - January 30th IAB Press Release

2019 Airalympic Games

I’m very excited to announce a brand new member of the International Airalympic Board (IAB), @macharyone. @macharyone (Jack) is officially our Oceanic Adviser and will be working with myself, and the rest of the Airalympic Board and will be in charge of overwatching Team Australia, Team India, Team Indonesia, and Team New Zealand to ensure that this years games are being run in a matter that creates a fair and just competition for a placing medal for all time periods (especially those on the opposite side of the world as the current IAB members)

Welcome to the Team @macharyone


Do you have permission from the Olympic games governing body to use the logo? Especially when this competition isn’t run or endorsed by the official Olympic?


So happy to be here as the IAB’s Oceanic Advisor. Can’t wait to get started!

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I might show up an record the Airalymic events, and maybe live stream them IF my livestream software is working

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The Official Airalympic Games begin in less than 1 Week!

Get Hype! Join The Teams in the original post


Official Airalympic 2019 Practice Event

The official pre-games Landing Competition Practice Begins In just under 30 minutes! We will be flying into CYVR from the following airports depending on team.


The Official Event Regulations:

Reminder: All team participants must do 2 touch and goes followed by 1 full-stop landing. Only your full-stop Landing will be officially graded

Please represent using your official team fleet during this event

Please don’t partake unless you are with a team! Spectators are welcome at CYVR!

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Airalympic Opening Ceremonies 2019


Olympic Committee

The Torch has been lit and this year’s 2019 Airalympic Games are a go!

I am proud to announce that nations from around the world have met in Tokyo for the 2019 Airalympic Opening Ceremonies and as of 1500Z; the 2019 Airalympic Games are a go!

Parade of Nations:


2019 Normal Landing Competition MEDAL Event - Award Ceremony

Award Standings

Placing Competitor Country Score Previous Awards Won
1st @FBWFTW USA 84/90
2nd @airjonathan1 NED 81/90
3rd @Mell_Ijzerman NED 80/90

Congratulations to all Airalympians and Good Luck through the rest of the games

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The 5000KM Cross Country (XC) Race is in the air!

Watch live from LiveFlight! (Casual Server - KGCN-CYYT)


2019 MLW Landing Competition MEDAL Event - Award Ceremony

Award Standings

Placing Competitor Country Score Previous Awards Won
1st @FBWFTW USA 89/90 x1 Gold [Normal Landing Comp]
2nd @Alejandro_Camacho MEX 86/90
3rd @airjonathan1 NED 81/90 x1 Silver [Normal Landing Comp]
3rd @DTot42 USA 81/90

Congratulations to all Airalympians and Good Luck through the rest of the games

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Okay, if someone will really be satisfied by flagging this as off-topic, get your jollies I guess, but I have to ask.

@Balloonchaser, Air + Olympics = Airalymipics?

There’s a perfectly good play on words staring you in the face that keeps the Olympics part intact: Aerolympics.

Just a thought.


The “Airalympics” actually stems from the Paralympics.

Air + Par a lympics = Air a lymipics



Fair enough, then. Carry on.


2019 Cross-Country 5,000KM Race MEDAL Event - Award Ceremony

Award Standings

Placing Competitor Country Score Previous Awards Won
1st @DTot42 USA 1:34.05 Bronze [MLW Landing Competition]
2nd @Enrique_Fernandez MEX 1:45.00
3rd @Jesus_Farias_Ramirez MEX DNF

Congratulations to all Airalympians and Good Luck through the rest of the games

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