Airalympics 2019 | Taking To The Skies

Airalympics ‘19 | Taking to the Skies

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Hello, members of the Infinite Flight Forum and welcome to the 2019 Winter Airalympic Games! The Infinite Flight Olympic Games have been a proud tradition since 2015 when @Thomas_Galvin held the first Olympic Games. Since then, the Olympic/Airalympic games have come so far. Last year, we made a comeback with a new look with some cool features. This year however, we’ve taken it to a whole new level! This is our main thread for the entire games. It will be updated with the latest events, scores, and other news and information crucial to the competition. Keep scrolling to learn more about this years Airalympic Games.

This year’s games, while meant to be fun and enjoyable for all, are meant to test a pilot’s skills and endurance. Events are meant to be a way to test their awesome skills, while also maintaining a fun and enjoyable vibe for competitors and spectators alike. There will be a total of 10 events across 5 sports. A full list of sports and events can be found below. See the master plan for more information.

  • Landing Competition

    • Normal Weight Landing
    • Assault Landing
    • TBM Landing
  • Freestlyle Airshow

    • Short Program
    • Doubles Program
  • Cross-Country Flying

    • GA 2,500 Kilometer Race
    • 5,000 Kilometer Race
    • 10,000 Kilometer Race
  • Pursuit Race

  • Speed Breaking Competition

The Official Airalympic Schedule will be announced once we have consulted with all member nations. Expect all events to take place from 1-3 days, depending on the amount of competitors and the individual event layout.

This Schedule Is An Approximate & Is Subject To Change

This years games will feature teams from a variety of countries. All nation teams are made up of one team leader, which manages competing members, however they also may compete with the rest of the team. Each member may compete in however many events they like (Can be set by Team Leader, or however each individual team sets their “Rules”) unless a limit is specifically stated in the Master Plan. Below is a complete list of all confirmed teams competing in this years Games. Click a team name to learn more about them, and to see their thread and/or website. Please note that teams handle their own recruitment, do not contact the IAB regarding a team membership unless you have a specific reason to do so.

Team Australia (AUS)

Team Australia


Team Leader: @Ash_Rand

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: AUS

Team Australia Thread: Team Australia | 2019 Airalympics | Official Thread

Team Australia Sign Up Form/Website:

Team Canada (CAN)

Team Canada

Team Leader: @WestJet737767

Right Hand Man: @EthanT2

IAB Team Code: CAN

Team Canada Thread: Team Canada || Infinite Flight Airalympics 2019 || Official Thread

Team Canada Sign Up Form:

Team Germany (GER)

Team Germany


Team Leader: @callum5124

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: GER

Team Germany Thread: Infinite Flight Airalympics Team Deutschland (Germany) Official Thread

Team Germany Sign Up Form:

Team Great Britain (GBR)

Team Great Britain

Team Leader: @Ameru187

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: GBR

Team Great Britain Thread: Team Great Britain | Infinite Flight Airalympics 2019 | Official Thread

Team Great Britain Sign Up Form:

Team India (IND)

Team India

Team Leader: @indraniel

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: IND

Team India Thread: Coming Soon

Team India Sign Up Form: Coming Soon

Team Indonesia (INA)

Team Indonesia

Team Leader: @Bo_Page_m8

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: INA

Team Indonesia Thread: Team Indonesia Airalympics 2019 Official Thread

Team Indonesia Sign Up Form: PM

Team Italy (ITA)

Team Italy

Team Leader: @AZA.DAL.610

Right Hand Man: @Johannes_koelsch

IAB Team Code: ITA

Team Italy Thread: Team Italy || Infinite Flight 2019 Airalympic’s Official Team Thread || Also in Italian!

Team Italy Sign Up Form:

Team Mexico (MEX)

Team Mexico


Team Leader: @Enrique_Fernandez

Right Hand Man: @Fernando_Carbajal

IAB Team Code: MEX

Team Mexico Thread: Team Mexico I Infinite Flight Airalympics 2019 I Official Thread

Team Mexico Sign Up Form:

Team Netherlands (NED)

Team Netherlands


Team Leader: @Mell_Ijzerman

Right Hand Man: @Olivier999

IAB Team Code: NED

Team Netherlands Thread: Airalympics 2019 || Dutch team Official Thread

Team Netherlands Sign Up Form: PM

Team New Zealand (NZL)

Team New Zealand

Team Leader: @Aviator_Airbus

Right Hand Man: @Connor

IAB Team Code: NZL

Team New Zealand Thread: Team NZL || Infinite Flight Airalympics 2019 || Official Thread

Team New Zealand Sign Up Form:

Team Switzerland (SUI)

Team Switzerland

Logo: Coming Soon

Team Leader: @HelloSkyMan

Right Hand Man: @Cody_M

IAB Team Code: SUI

Team Switzerland Thread: Team Switzerland // IF Airalympics

Team Switzerland Sign Up Form:

Team USA (USA)

Team USA


Team Leader: @Aceorbit

Right Hand Man: Coming Soon

IAB Team Code: USA

Team USA Thread: Team USA | Infinite Flight Airalympics 2019 | Official New Thread

Team USA Sign Up Form:

New Teams

The New Team Applications have been closed. The Airalympic Games begin in less than 2 weeks. Join a team above

Teams Submitted: (Accepted, Rejected, Under Review)

The International Airalympic Board is the governing body of the Airalympics. The IAB is composed of head members, who oversee day-to-day operations. Judges and referees, who officiate events, and other volunteers you’ll see around the events. If you have any questions, please direct them to the main board members. Do not message any judges or referees regarding scoring or officiating at events.

@Balloonchaser IAB Chairman
@CaptJackson IAB Vice Chairman
@Matt IAB Senior Adviser; Former IF Olympics Games Chairman
@Juanca - IAB Public Liaison
@Bobby - IAB Chief Inspiration Officer
@macharyone - IAB Oceanic Adviser

Judges and Referees:

See Below - We are Taking Volunteers

We Are Hiring!

The IAB is currently looking for referees and judges to help officiate events. If you think you might be interested, please submit an application below, and a member from the board will contact you within 48 hours of submission. Take a look at the events before you submit an application, and let us know if any catch your eye!

Apply For An IAB Judge/Referee Position


Here at the Airalympics, we hold ourselves, our officials, and our teams to high standards. In the event that you see any unethical, unprofessional, or any otherwise inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the form below. It will be investigated by the IAB, and may be passed on to team administration, or the IFC Moderation Team if necessary. If you need an urgent response, create a PM with board members, and team leaders (if necessary).

Sent In A Report Form

Thank you for visiting our thread today. If you have any questions about the games that were not answered, please comment your questions below, or let us know via PM. We are looking forward to the games, and hope to see you there, whether you are part of a team, an official, or spectator. We’re ready to take to the skies for another awesome year, are you?


Official Airalympic Games Thread Made By @CaptJackson & @Balloonchaser
Official Airalympic '19 Master Plan & Document’s Made By @CaptJackson


Amazing thread! This is going to be a great competition.

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Awesome thread! Should be a great event…

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This sounds pretty cool.

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I’m excited,

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Omg, the ga race sounds hilarious 😂👌


Yeah! It was a really fun event last year! With SR22’s it really comes down to who can come up with a better strategy :)


I just submitted to open a team :)
Looks like a great event!


Ahhh I love it! Tactics eh…? Might have to consider that one then.

You know what we need this time? Active Team Leaders

You must be apart of a Team to participate in these events.

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Where was it? I didnt see where it was.

Can’t wait to represent my country! 🇳🇿


Good job balloon!!

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Are we allowed to participate in a competition we did last year?

Also, seems like most of the results were never published from last year, is there somewhere else we could find them?

What do you mean by this? Everyone will be invited to partake and have fun during practice sessions… But during the event’s, participators will be strictly enforced

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I mean like if we did a competition last year, are we allowed to sighn up again this year?

You are welcomed to apply for a Team to partake in events like last year. Outsiders (Members not on a team) wont be able to partake in these events. So make sure to join a team


How would that be possible in a SR22 or similar?