Airalympics 2018 | Taking to the Skies

We are Officially 1 Week Away from the 2018 International Airalympic Games

Join Team USA

Join Team Australia

Join Team Lebanon

More Teams to come as well as a Sponsor! Stay Tuned! :)


All teams are ran by extremely qualified pilots. Hard bid to place.


:angry: don’t have pro


Darn! You should go get pro 😉

But for real, that stinks and we hope that you will have live by the next Olympic event (Summer)! :)


I’m excited to join team New Zealand’s!!

I mean if you think it should be in the Airalympics, sure!

I did for TEAM New Zealand!

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Does it take 2 days for a team to have you accepted for the team?

Some teams hold off until they get a sufficient amount of applicants.

Also, people have to work and are busy, so that could be the reason as well.


Hi! I was sleeping (Somewhat) and didn’t see your application. Sorry for that.


[quote=“CaptJackson, post:13, topic:194496, full:true”]
There will not be, as we can not control the weather. It would be difficult to schedule, and conditions would be different for each competitior.
[/quote] This is what @CaptJackson said. It definitely makes sense.

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Go for it! It’s going to be fun! :)


What server does this event take place?

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Airalympic Events will take place on all 3 servers. It just depends on which event you’re talking about.

Ok thank you, what a relief! Well, because I have so many violations I can’t go into the expert server.

Team Lebanon joins the competition! Their thread is live on the Community now, be sure to check them out! A few more teams are on the way shortly, along with the official schedule. Stay tuned! To submit a team for review, fill this out

Team LBN Thread:


There are no Lebanon airlines, unfortunately, in IF or maybe they could fly other Middle Eastern airlines?

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MEA is from Lebanon, livery is on the A321

I also had a suspicion there was a MEA livery but wasn’t so sure, but ok!

You guys can go ask about Team Lebanon’s fleet on their thread! (Bumps and helps them out aswell as youll get a answer quicker)