Airalympics 2018 | Taking to the Skies

Airalympics 2018 | Taking to the Skies

Hello members of the forum, and welcome to the 2018 Winter Airalympic Games! The IF Olympics were due to take place during the current Olympics, but because of some setbacks, it has been rescheduled to line up with the Paralympics, taking place March 15-22. We may have a new look, but we are the same old games, with some new features! This is, and will be our main thread for the entire games, constantly being updated with the latest events, scores, and other news crucial to the competition. Keep scrolling to learn more about the re-designed Airalympic Games.

The Games are a test of all pilot’s skill, endurance, and, technique. Events are meant to be a way to test the awesome skills, while also maintaining a fun and enjoyable vibe for competitors and spectators alike. There will be a total of 11 events across
5 sports. A full list of sports and events can be found below. Click on a title to find out more about it, and how it is scored.


The Official Airalympic Schedule will be announced once we have consulted with all member nations. Expect all events to take place from 1-3 days, depending on the amount of competitors and the individual event layout.

This years games will feature teams from a total of 3 countries (or more - others in approval process). All nation teams are made up of one team leader, which manages competing members, however they also may compete, and the rest of the team. which may compete in however many events the like. Below is a complete list of all confirmed teams competing in this years Games. Click a team name to learn more about them, and to see their thread and/or website. Please note that teams handle their own recruitment, do not contact the IAB regarding a team membership.

Team USA

Team USA

Team Leader: @natedog508

Right Hand Man: @Chris_Hoover

IAB Team Code: USA

Team United States has been a key member of the Airalympic Games, since the first IF Olympics in 2014. Since then, they have grown to be one of the largest and most competitive team in the games. Management recently changed within their team, but not to worry, as they are still the Same old Team USA, just bigger and better. We look forward to seeing them in the games. Please use the links below to learn more about their team.

Team USA Thread: Team USA // 2018 Infinite Flight Airalympics // Official Thread

Team USA Sign Up Form:

Team Australia

Team Australia

Team Leader: @Aussie_Wombat

Right Hand Man: @Josh

IAB Team Code: AUS

Team Australia is back and it’s better than ever! Team Australia first showed up at the first Olympics, in 2014, and they have “Been In It, To Win It” ever since. Check out the links below to learn more about the team that is “Down Under”.

Team Australia Thread: Team Australia || IF Airalympics

Sign Up:

Team Great Britain

Team Great Britain


Team Leader: @Ameru187

Right Hand Men:

IAB Team Code: GBR

Team Great Britain made its first appearance during the 2014 Olympics! But this year, they are back and better than ever! Check out these links below to learn more about the British Team!

Team Great Britain Thread: Team Great Britain | 2018 International Airalympics

Sign Up:

Team Lebanon

Team Lebanon

Team Leader: @AllegiantAir

Right Hand Man: @Delta_Alpha_Lima

IAB Team Code: LBN

Welcome Team Lebanon to the first Olympic type event! Team Lebanon might be from a small country, but their power will be great at the 2018 International Airalympic Games!

Team Lebanon Thread: Team Lebanon || IF Airalympics

Sign Up:

New Teams

We will be accepting applications for new teams through Thursday, March 8th. If you are interested in creating and leading a team, please check the requirements for creating a team and the list of approved and pending teams before filling out an application. When you’re ready, fill out the form below. Please note that while a team may start with one person, or more team members have not been signed up by Tuesday, March 13, the team will forfeit any scheduled appearances at the Games.

Teams Submitted: (Accepted, Rejected, Under Review)

The International Airalympic Board is the governing body of the Airalympics. The IAB is composed of head members, who oversee day-to-day operations, as well as judges and referees, who officiate events, and other volunteers you’ll see around the events. If you have any questions, please direct them to the main board members. Do not message any judges or referees regarding scoring or officiating at events. Instead, PM an board member.

@Balloonchaser President
@CaptJackson Events Director
@Matt Deputy President

Judges and Referees:

@Ryan_Vidad Lead Event Judge
@Ishan_S Judge
@Samuel_Szeto Judge
@Oli_H Judge
@SouthernDude Judge
@HockeyMan06 Judge
@Ozzy Judge
@bookers4eva Referee
@Artem_Frolov Referee

We Are Hiring!

The IAB is currently looking for referees and judges to help officiate events. If you think you might be interested, please submit an application below, and a member from the board will contact you within 48 hours of submission. Take a look at the events before you submit an application, and let us know if any catch your eye!


Here at the Airalympics, we hold ourselves, our officials, and our teams to high standards. In the event that you see any unethical, unprofessional, or any otherwise inappropriate behavior, please report it by using the form below. It will be investigated by the IAB, and may be passed on to team administration, IFVARB, or the IFC Moderation Team if necessary. If you need an urgent response, create a PM with board members, and team leaders (if necessary).


If you have suggestions for any aspect of the games, please be sure to let us know on this form below. We love to hear from spectators and community members and will use your feedback to help shape future games.



Thank you for visiting our thread today. If you have any questions about the Games that were not answered, please comment your questions below, or let us know via PM. We are looking forward to the Games, and hope to see you there, whether you are part of a team, an official, or spectator. We’re ready to take to the skies, are you?

Official Airalympic Games Thread Made By @CaptJackson


Exctied to join the team this year. Hopefully enthusiasm hasn’t faded since the original games were not held. Looking forward to seeing what all the teams have in store!

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Woooo! I can’t wait for this years now that global is out!

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Just saying, but one week is definitely not enough to prepare teams, pilots, and other things… but hey. I’d suggest a great time would be in the Summer since it gives a better chance to prepare, and allows better attendance.

Anyway, good luck! Hopefully you guys can breathe some life into the previously failed Olympics. :)


Expect the team USA thread to come in the next few days!

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But… I can’t dope in these


I hope this doesn’t fissle and fail like 2017 and 2018, it looks better organised.

I am looking forward to see if @Aussie_Wombat can re-organise the old Australian team


Wish you the best of luck and…hopefully, this actually takes place haha. Last couple of attempts absolutely bomb dived into nothing


Wow. Breath taking thread. Lots of detail put into this. Expect an application

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I will, starting again new, new members Syd


Dang. What an event! I may consider signing up for a position/volunteer. I’ll have to wait until the schedule has times however (I’m awfully reserved atm :( )

Anyone want to “Team Djibouti” with me?


Hello! I was just wondering, will there be crosswind/wind landing or fog landing? I didn’t know if I should put this in the suggestion box.

There will not be, as we can not control the weather. It would be difficult to schedule, and conditions would be different for each competitior.

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Oh. That makes sense though. Hope it goes well!

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Team USA’s thread is now live on the IFC. Their information will be updated on our thread. They are now recruiting, so please check out their thread for more info. Expect to see some new teams in the coming days 👀

Check Out Their Thread

Apply Here


So where will this happen and when(ZULU) Because I live in Japan and I don’t know if I can make it:)

Team Australia’s thread is up and running! Check them out. (you could be looking at the winners)
Good luck to all the teams!


Team New Zealand joins the competition. Their thread is live on the Community now, be sure to check them out. More teams are on the way shortly, along with the official schedule. Stay tuned! Our Thread will be upadated shortly with their information. To submit a team for review, fill out this form.

NZL Thread


We’re happy to be on the board!

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They will happen over a course of many days and at many different times (Australia and New Zealand are Teams so there will be plenty of events fit for your timezone!)

If you want, you should reach out to one of them to join a team OR you can go and make a Team Japan :)

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