(Airalympic MEDAL) Normal Weight Landing Competition @ TNCM - 181530ZMAR18

This is an Airalympic Medal Event. All scores are final.

Sport: Landing Competition

Event: Normal Weight

Type: Medal Event

Time and Date: March 18, 2018 @ 1530Z

Location: Princess Juliana Int’l Airport (TNCM)

Server: Training Server

Nations Participating: 4

Competitors Participating: TBA (4 Confirmed at Posting, 10+ Expected)

The Landing Competition is a high-stakes event in which competitors will be graded on the following criteria: Center-line (10/10), Touchdown Zone (10/10), and Smoothness (10/10), for a possible score of 30 points from each judge. The three scores will be averaged for a final score out of 30 points. All contestants will get three attempts, the highest scoring being their final score. All pilots participating in the event will depart from the Aruba Island, and once all attempts have been completed, will exit the runway and park in their assigned spot. As always, three medals are on the line: Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

You can find full details and information regarding this event here:

13 participants will be competing from four countries in today’s event.

Team United States (USA)

  • D. William (Q)
  • A. Day (Q)

2 more expected

Team Great Britian (GBR)

Team has not submitted roster, 3-4 expected

Team Australia (AUS)

  • J. Hicks (Q)

1-2 more expected

Team Lebanon (LBN)

  • C. Mihalovich (Q)

Lead Referee: TBA
Lead Judge: TBA
Judge: TBA
Judge: TBA
Airalympics Official: J. Baumgart

Spectators will be divided based on the country you are rooting for. Please be sure not to interfere with team assignments. If no spots are available, move away from team aprons, active taxiways, and/or runways. Parking in grass areas is allowed and will not result in a ghosting.

Team United States: GATE C07-C10
Team Great Britian: GATE C01-C04
Team Australia: GATE A01-A04
Team Lebanon: GATE B02, B03
Judges and Officials: GATE C05, C06, B04, B05

Above seating is for certified teams and Airalympics staff only. Spectators should be parked in stands listed below. The largest aircraft allowed is a B757/A321 or equivalent.

General Seating: GA 01-07
Overflow: GA 08-13

Spectators are asked to only spawn in small, general aviation aircraft as pots on the ramps are small and close together

1st Place (GOLD):
2nd Place (SILVER):
3rd Place (BRONZE):
4th Place:
5th Place:

6th-10th Places

6th Place:
7th Place:
8th Place:
9th Place:
10th Place:

Official Results will be available in full detail below after the event has been completed:

Thank you for showing interest in the 2018 Winter Airalympic Games. We look forward to seeing you at the event whether you’re a spectator or a competitor. Check out some of the links below for more information on the games!

Full Schedule
Today’s Update from the IAB

Alternate Event Times

After consulting with all Airalympic Teams, we will also be holding the Landing Competition on March 19 at 0500Z to ensure that all competitors may compete. Pilots who are not able to attend this session will be able to compete tomorrow. To ensure a fair competition the conditions at 0500Z must not exceed these preset guidelines.

Winds: Within 7 knots of conditions at 1530Z
Visibility: Within 2 NM of conditions at 1530Z
Time: All pilots should have time set to noon (at both events).


The time is 2:30 am for us aussies (at least in the east coast) and midnight for most of Australia anyway. It would be great if more of us could show up but time doesn’t really suit

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@Aussie_Wombat That estimate includes the secondary session as well.


Ah ok ;) Thank you…


Not quite my name… 😂


Lol. My bad, fixed 👍

How would one join a team?

Look at this thread and contact one of the team leaders @Cpt.TC


Good luck sounds amazing and well prepared!

You should come and watch some buttering of the bread! :)

I applied for team Australia so you might want to check that.

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Main Event Begins in 15 Minutes!


Just a few photos from the main event! Australia competes in just about 9 hours and then the medals will be handed out for the Normal Weight Landing Comp! :P


I believe that last pic, and the other American 320 are my landing exclance😝 great event though, so much fun…

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Glad to see me in that picture :)
(British Airways A318)

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The alternate Time for the Normal Weight Landing Compeition at TNCM on TS1 Begins In 1 Hour!

Here’s the IRL Equivalent of this event:

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Who won the event? I hope GB

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Team Medals
USA: 1st
AUS: 2nd
GBR: 3rd


Are there individual medals?