Airac Infinite Flight Update

Hey infinite flight, I would like to ask you guys to update the simulator Airac, please don’t get me wrong, thank you.

Hey, @PCCL, Cameron once said that updating AIRAC navigation database every month is expensive, so devs will update the navigation database annually. The last update was at the beginning of last summer, so a new update will be at some point in the summer :)


Ah yes, sorry then, thanks for letting me know, but do you mean European summer? Because I’m Brazilian, so it’s winter here, but I believe you’re talking about European/American summer? Thank you good morning.

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Yeah, European summer

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Legal c brasileiro eu também

I’m curious, do you remember where he said that? Thanks for the info, I always thought they would update mid-year as they did last year, good to know for sure now :)

Sim sou. :D

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