AIRAC Cycles

Not many people may know what I am talking about, but I use AIRAC Cycle 1803 for SimBreif, and i’ll be honest, I feel that its completely dumb that I have to have AIRAC 1903 in order to do some of my favorite routes. And to make it worse, you have to PAY to have AIRAC 1903. Is there any way to get AIRAC 1903 free? Or do I have to pay for it. Do some people actually buy that? I believe its like a $20.00 Subscription, but I could be way wrong.

Try using

It is completely free.

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I use both for the same flight plan. I creat a fligh plan on SimBreif, generate an OFP. then copy that to Fpltoif

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If you know someone with a navigraph subscription, they can give you an AIRAC code that you input into SimBrief. You will get the update AIRAC cycle absolutely free until it expires. My friend of mine does this often for me. :)

And if I haven’t friend with navigraph subscription?

Buy the subscription yourself or continue using the older cycles SimBrief provides.

I’m sorry?

I don’t believe theres any free way to get the Airac cycles from simbrief I just have a navigraph acound and its actually really nice

And it’s free?

No it is not free and you won’t find free airac cycles most likely

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