Air Zimbabwe Boeing 767-200

I think all airline’s should be added to make it more interesting


You’re from there. I’m from Johannesburg, SA.

Put this on the features category and with liveries that are available in real life

Hi, welcome to the community. Please follow these few rules below:

  1. Make seperate feature requests
  2. Ask someone to put in the #features section
  3. Please read the community guidelines
  4. All airlines probably won’t be added. There are more than you think around the world, and more aircraft. It takes a lot of work for the developer team to create aircraft liveries on IF.

Through iTunes in app purchases. In what way?

Because it’s not working

It’s saying i need to go to account infinite flight. Com

Oh, ok. That’s weird. I’m not too sure. Maybe you could check out the topics below. It could be because of family sharing settings.

Ya from zimbabwe

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I like Air Zimbabwe too. Nice livery.


Please name your divice and ios or android version you running…

Um running on android

Very interessting livery👍🏼
(not my photo)

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Yes it is a nice livery a330 and 767

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